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February 28, 2019

NAIS Facts At a Glance
2018 - 2019

In January 2019, NAIS released its annual Facts at a Glance. Data collected from 1,229 independent schools was reported in an extensive 8 page report. Some of the highlight data include the following:

Admissions: Average completed application to inquiries rate: 46.4%
Attrition: Average student attrition: 9.45%
Tuition: Average day tuition for Grade 6: $25,575
Average day tuition Grade 12: $29,745
Average 7-day boarding tuition: $58,763
Financial Aid: Median % of students on financial aid: 25.1%
Median financial aid as a % of budget expense: 12.9%
Giving: Annual giving % by parents: 65.6%
Median annual giving gift by parents: $1,191
Expenses: Median all salary expenses per student: $14,451
Endowment: Median endowment per student: $19,635
Median Class Size: Grades K-5: 16
Grades 9-12: 14
Faculty Diversity: Total faculty of color as % of total faculty: 19.1%
Student Diversity: Enrollment of students of color as % of total enrollment: 31.6%
Salaries: Median of median salary for teachers: $57,521
Head median Salary: $255,000

To read full NAIS report CLICK HERE

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