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May 21, 2020

"Remote Governance and Crisis:
Implications for the Future of School Leadership"

I am so pleased to share with you today a contribution by one of our own ISCA members, Georgy Ann Peluchiwiski, Board Chair of Latin School of Chicago. Georgy Ann wrote the above titled blog post for Greenwich Leadership Partners on May 7, 2020. It provides practical guidance for boards and Heads of School for leading remotely through this crisis. "In the context of a pandemic, the shift to 'remote governance' empowers us to laser focus on the things that matter most" writes Georgy Ann and urges boards to "focus relentlessly on the essentials of governance." She describes in detail what Boards can do now that includes:
ensuring adequate resources are secured
supporting school leadership
mobilizing around other fiduciary work
identifying the relevant and high priority strategic and generative work
support effective remote work

Georgy Ann reminds boards to enter into dialogue on important topics and ask the big questions like:
"How are we delivering on our mission in the current environment?"
"What threats does this pose to the future?"
"Who and what can you leverage to make progress?"

It is wonderful to see such thoughtful, experienced leadership guidance shared by an ISCA member. There are great takeaways for all of us in this blog and I encourage you to read it HERE.

COVID-19 ISCA Chair Chats Continue!
Thursday, May 28 3:00 pm ET
Thursday, June 11 3:00 pm ET

We have had several topic specific COVID-19 ISCA Chair Chats over these past few weeks. We are returning to an open forum discussion for these next two Chair Chats for you to share what you want to talk about regarding the crisis implications of COVID-19. These will still be facilitated conversations but we want you to drive the topics of conversation. This is an opportunity for you as Board Chairs to hear from each other, share ideas, provide support and together find ways to move forward in guiding our schools.

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Bethany Di Napoli, ISCA Executive Director

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