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January 14, 2021

A Lesson in Education History and the Insurrection

I had a different Chair Post planned for today but after reading an article published two days ago from Dr. Beth Holland, I decided to share this compelling and educational article instead. As we have just witnessed one of the most disturbing weeks in our American history, we can't help but ask ourselves, how did we get here?

"We Were Warned," Dr. Beth Holland, methodically documents how our public education system may have something to do with what we all witnessed on January 6th, and how many educational thought leaders since the 1930's warned us of the potential dangers of the type of public education system we still have today.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the theories proposed in this article, we all can learn something about how our public education system was designed and why we must be more committed than ever to an independent school education
"that empowers students as creative, critical thinkers; that promotes tolerance and honors students’ identities; and that embraces global, entrepreneurial thinking."

Note: Dr. Beth Holland presented at our ISCA Fall Governance Conference in 2019.

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