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April 2, 2020

Fundraising During the COVID-19 Crisis

In our first ISCA COVID-19 Board Chair Chat yesterday, one topic that Boards are trying to navigate is the loss of potential fundraising dollars from Annual Fund or end of year fundraising events and the impact this is going to have on this year's budget. One of our ISCA members described how her school has created an online auction to help raise money while we are social distancing!

Soon after our call, I came across this article from Donor Perfect,
That was pretty timely I thought, so I am sharing this with you.

One of the ways that Boards can really be helpful to the HOS right now is to find ways to support fundraising needs. This is the time for the Board to truly exercise their Ambassador role as they are in the unique position to brag about all the incredible efforts the school is making to meet the unprecedented challenges of this crisis.

Think about how Board members can be reaching out to former Board members, prominent donors, and alumni families to share the stories of how your school is rising to this challenge and meeting the needs of students and families. Share stories and ask for their continued support!

Independent School Management recently published this guide that should help you think about how the Board can partner with your Development Office in supporting fundraising efforts :

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