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October 1, 2020

A Message to Heads of School -
Learn How to Dance with Your Board Chair

Taking a little different angle in today's Chair Post, do you wonder what messages Heads of School are receiving about working with YOU - their board chair? Tom Olverson, consultant with RG175, recently wrote a thought provoking blog, "Dance with Your Board Chair." The blog is intended to provide guidance to Heads of School who want to be successful in their role, and in order to do so, they need to learn how to dance with their board chair - when to lead and when to follow!

"What head and board chair do together is greater than what each does separately. The power to add value to the school lies more in the elements that define the unique partnership between the head and her board chair and less in the strictures from on high that too often are used to justify intractable positions. In short, there are times when heads and board chairs will break the rules; that’s okay."

While written for Heads of School, there are valuable perspectives worth considering by Board Chairs as well.

"Rules are not a substitute for relationships. “Best practices” can’t replace trust."

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