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June 18, 2020

US Catholic Schools Face Many Closures

According to a recent June 17th article, the National Catholic Educational Association reports that more than 100 Catholic schools have announced in recent weeks that they will be closing and they fear that number could more than double in the coming months. Most of the closures are at the elementary level.
The article states that in 1970 there were about 11,000 Catholic K-12 schools and that number will be reduced to about 6,000 this year. Enrollment has declined from more than 5 million in the 1960's to about 1.7 million now.

Given that so many schools are struggling financially, ISM is offering a 50% discount to ISCA member schools if they want to enroll in
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This is a virtual workshop offered by Terry Moore on July 6-8, 2020

"How do you assure your school can remain sustainable? Has the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed the face of independent schools? And how do you get the Board and the administration appropriately involved in working together to greater levels of success?
If you’ve asked yourself these questions, this is the ideal online workshop for you. We will explore what determines long-term sustainability for independent schools, how to make strategic tuition decisions even in uncertain times, how to monetize your mission, and what elements go into powerful strategic plans."

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