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October 15, 2020

Executive Committees
Can they lead to better governance and a healthy board culture?

Executive Committees have been controversial. Used inappropriately, they can lead to the 'board within a board' dynamic that is divisive and dangerous to board culture. On the other hand, when used appropriately, they just might make the board higher functioning.

In September, Greenwich Leadership Partners published a blog, "The Case for the Executive Committee." The blogs acknowledges the challenges of the Executive Committee but makes the thoughtful case for how it can be a true asset to the board in executing its governance responsibilities. The blog outlines the 'portrait of a high functioning Executive Committee' and then provides specific practices and strategies to insure that your Executive Committee works well.

Especially during these demanding times, it might be worth examining the role of the Executive Committee on your own board. While doing so, consider the perspectives presented by Greenwich Leadership Partners.

"If we consider the Executive Committee to be a facilitating body, represented by the committee chairs and a few select trustees chosen for their perspective and capacity, we transform its purpose and function."

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