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´╗┐April 1, 2021

Trustees Handling Parent Complaints

Parents getting the ear of a sitting trustee is not a new problem. Every board should expect this to happen and every Chair should prepare its board to handle parent complaints. Because trustees are ambassadors for the school, it seems there can be both a kind and helpful way to handle parent complaints while honoring your role as a trustee. We should want to be helpful to parents by pointing them in the right direction to find resolution for their issue while simultaneously explaining why we can't be directly involved in the resolution of the issue. We don't have to be dismissive to act appropriately as trustees. We just need to be prepared for these situations and practice how we would handle such conversations.

Create a board policy on handling parent complaints that can includes expectations of the trustee, communication strategies and documentation of the interaction.
Role play with your board
Communicate to families the role of the board and what parents can expect if they bring a parent complaint to a trustee.

Independent School Management (ISM) published some helpful guidelines on how to prepare your board for these issues. Click on the link below to view.

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