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March 5, 2020

Board Mentoring and Leadership Development

How can you strengthen the engagement of your trustees and promote leadership development as part of your board succession planning? It begins with new trustees and how you onboard them and support them during their first year.
Consider a full year mentoring program for new trustees that will not only enhance their overall experience but also help identify that board' member's niche to maximize their time and talents on the board.

Create a leadership development plan that will fully prepare the next Board Chair for his/her responsibilities and make the leadership transition seamless for your board. Mentoring your successor can be a gradual, two year process. With clearly defined goals and a timeline, you are setting up your successor for success and creating a transition that will be easy for both your board and Head of School.

For tips on creating a peer mentoring and leadership development program for your Board, refer to this BoardSource resource below.

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