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November 14, 2019

Aligning Your Board Structure to Support Future Sustainability

Donna Orem, NAIS President, just wrote a great article, with guidance from Nonprofit Quarterly , about how independent school boards could be re-thinking their traditional committee structure to shift away from the siloed, short term oriented, oversight model to a model that focuses on realizing long-term goals and is more generative and strategic by design.
Do you think your board is ready to combine your finance, investment and facilities committees into one Assets committee? The concept of a 'zero-based' committee structure is introduced explaining that this model is flexible and future oriented as it starts each year with a clean slate to formulate committees and task forces to address the work ahead.
This shift towards a 'futures-oriented' board is not limited to re-organizing your committee structure but also asks you to think about the constituency composition of your board, program evaluation and quality and evaluation of your donor base.

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