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December 17, 2020

Trustee Dashboards

There was some interest on this week's ISCA Online Forum about board dashboards. They are an important tool to help the board carry out its oversight responsibilities with respect to the operations and finances of the school, in particular. They are a tool to put data in a useful report format for board members to be able to assess and discuss the condition of the school. I am sharing with you today another resource, the NAIS Trustee Dashboard, that can be helpful to you as your design your own dashboard for your board.

In addition, ISM also uses a tool called 'Stability Markers' that helps boards monitor the condition of their school. This tool is used a bit differently than the NAIS dashboard and encompasses some different benchmarking categories but it is worth looking at as you decide what might work best for your own board. Using the assessment exactly as described in this article requires use of other ISM surveys that you may or may not want to consider but the concepts and benchmarking strategies that this ISM tool and the NAIS tool provide should be helpful to you.


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