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February 14, 2019

Why Parents Love Independent Schools

On this Valentine's Day post, it only seems appropriate to spread the love for independent school education! We love our school communities so let us remind ourselves why parents choose independent schools today. NAIS recently shared the results of their Jobs-To-Be-Done study which examined what drives the demand for independent school choice by parents. The results are summarized by 4 key driving factors:

  1. Overcoming Obstacles: When parents feel their current school is failing their child in some way, they are looking for a school that will overcome those obstacles.
  2. Realizing a Plan for a Talented Child: Parents are looking for successful matriculation to the next level school so they are looking for an excellent academic program and outstanding reputation.
  3. Finding a Values-Aligned Community: Parents are looking for a school that supports their child's growth in challenging and supportive ways so they can excel academically, athletically and emotionally.
  4. Developing a Well-Rounded Person: Parents are looking for more than just academics, they want their child to be well-rounded and productive in society.

Ask your parents and students why they LOVE your school today!
You will likely feel the LOVE and inspiration on this Valentine's Day.
To read more about the Jobs-To-Be-Done research by NAIS CLICK HERE

Weekly Chair Post written and compiled by
Bethany Di Napoli, ISCA Executive Director

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