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April 25, 2019

Pat Yourself on the Back - You're On To Something Good!

According to James Millar, an executive leadership expert, the best leaders make it a priority to have meaningful networking interactions with their peers. In a recent blog found in thoughtLeaders, James writes...

"For more than a decade, I’ve seen the benefits that executives can derive from ongoing, authentic conversations with peers. And I have come to believe that every professional should belong to at least one network of trusted peers who meet regularly to exchange ideas, explore new perspectives, and maybe even share a few laughs."

"It is increasingly clear that leaders need to expect more too. They can no longer rely on what they know individually. Instead, they need to engage regularly with peers to figure out what they know collectively.
Savvy executives don’t let constraints get in their way. They apply enough energy to overcome the friction that is impeding their personal and professional development: by creating or seeking out high quality peer networks; by carving out enough time for active participation; and by focusing on the returns they, and their organizations, will realize from a more strategic investment of time and resources."

So ISCA members, you are serving yourself and your school well through your ISCA membership. I encourage you take advantage of the networking opportunities we offer you through our Online Forum, our interactive webinars and our upcoming fall conference. These are the great opportunities that promote collective thinking and is a wise investment of your time and energy that will yield beneficial results.

James Millar is author of the book, Building Bridges: The Case for Executive Peer Networks. To read the blog referenced in this Chair Post, Click Here

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