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January 10, 2019

Useful Enrollment Management Surveys!

The Board is usually kept informed of key enrollment management statistics by the Head of School and administration. Number of new applications, attrition rates, actual enrollment, etc, are some of the common statistics that get shared and comparisons made to previous years to monitor trends.
But does your school go one step further and explain why students chose to leave your school or why an accepted student didn't actually enroll and chose a different school instead?
NAIS offers two useful surveys that schools can use for this purpose. " Survey of Families Admitted But Not Enrolling" and the " Parent Exit Survey."
It is important for the Board to understand what issues are preventing some families from enrolling in your school and/or why families are choosing to leave your school. Knowing this information will help the Board and Administration determine if there are issues that need to be addressed; ie insufficient financial aid support or program dissatisfaction. An objective method to collect this information paired with a routine reporting process to the Board should be strongly considered.

Click Here to learn about these and other surveys that NAIS offers.

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