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November 19, 2020

Head Tenure Correlated to Board Chair Training and Support

64% of schools that had no head turnover during a 10 year period provided training for their board chairs compared to 44% of schools who had two heads and 41% who had three or more during the same 10 year period.

This was the data reported by heads of school in the NAIS Trendbook 2020-2021.

"If the school doesn't provide training for the board chair, many boards may continually cycle through new and inexperienced leaders, which could cause instability and additional stress for the head-chair relationship."

To learn more about independent school trends related to governance and other important issues like affordability, philanthropy and DEI, register for the upcoming ISCA webinar on December 10th, "Independent School Trends Every Board Chair Should Know" with Amada Torres of NAIS.

Webinar Recording Available
If you missed last week's ISCA's webinar "Don't Let a Good Pandemic Go to Waste," with Georgy Ann Peluchiwski and Stephanie Rogen of Greenwich Leadership Partners, the recording and presentation slides are now available on ISCA's member page.

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