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May 2, 2019

Is Your Board on Board When It Comes to a Crisis?

I share with you today a very useful article written for independent schools Boards by legal counsel, David Wolowitz of the Education Law Group of McLane Middleton.
" A Crisis is Coming: Is Your Board on Board" shares concrete steps Board should take to prepare for any kind of crisis the school may face. The important steps that are detailed in this article include:

Agree on roles, guiding principles and information-sharing
Establish the crisis-response working structure and teams
Determine and document the crisis-response process
Focus on effective communication
Train for a crisis
Implement the plan

David Wolowitz presented at our 2017 ISCA fall conference and I thank him for offering this article to share with our ISCA members. This article was published in the July/August 2018 issue of Net Assets Magazine of the National Business Officers Association.

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