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November 5, 2020

Attracting Middle Class Families through Indexed Tuition Programs

This is the time of the school year when Finance Committees and Boards will begin conversations about tuition setting for the following year. At our conference on Friday, presenters Jeff Shields and Heather Hoerle, spoke about the possible advantages of schools using sliding scale or indexed tuition models.

Today I share with you an October 19th article from ISM, "Indexed Tuition Programs: Removing the Financial Aid Stigma." The article discusses why moving to an indexed tuition model may attract more middle and upper school applicants to your school, remove the stigma of 'need based financial aid' and ultimately increase enrollment and tuition dollars per student. According to the ISM article, "schools report significant increases in applicants from middle- and upper-middle-income families without a negative impact on higher-income applicant families."

An important note is that a sliding scale model does not increase the overall amount of money the school provides for discounts but rather it is a financial and marketing strategy that when structured well can add socioeconomic diversity to your school, extend the reach of your 'discount dollars' and increase overall enrollment.

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