ISCO de Mayo 2019
Today we celebrate Provectus’ fifth year in business
Over the past 5 years, Provectus has developed Provect-OX ® , Provect-OX2 , Provect-“EBR ® and other ISCO technologies with a focus on improved safety, ease of use, permanence of performance (manages rebound) and expanded implementability (ISCO Permeable Reactive Barriers). These technologies are typically more cost-efficient and offer tangible technical benefits when compared to conventional ISCO approaches. 
For example, US Patent 7,576,254B2 requires that the pH of the aquifer medium exceed 10.5 in order to activate persulfate. Increasing aquifer pH above 10 works as a persulfate activation chemistry. But from a bioremediation perspective (and an overall aquifer “health” perspective) extreme basification as the activation chemistry for persulfate-based ISCO seems counterproductive to a sustainable remedial action. 

There are at least five reasons to critically assess the use of base as the activation chemistry for persulfate-based ISCO and consider an alternative approach…
Provect-OX ®  has been successfully used in North America, South America, Oceania and EAMA. Various examples of these projects, along with lessons learned, can be found on our  website .
Made in the USA, Brazil, Italy and Taiwan

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