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When you own a family business and that business makes up the majority of your net worth, it’s natural to want to leave the business in equal shares to your children because that’s the fair thing to do, but fair doesn’t always mean equal. 

Splitting ownership of a family business among siblings creates the possibility of intra-family conflict, and that risk increases significantly if some of the siblings work in the business while others do not. It is common that the “in-business” siblings want to reinvest profits to grow the business while the “out-business” siblings prefer that the profits be distributed to the shareholders, especially if those distributions are an important part of the out business siblings’ lifestyles. 

In addition, the out-business siblings may question (a) how the business compensates the in-business siblings since higher compensation means lower profits and dividends and (b) whether it’s a good time to sell the business to a third party. These inherent conflicts can tear families apart and create massive financial and emotional damage.

I learned so much at the BBB last week. MOST SURPRISING: Idaho has the highest per capita wine consumption in the U.S. - WOW. Really?

If you have any questions about doing business with clients in the Cannabis industry or have a specific craft brew or winery inquiry - email me .

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The nomination process to the State Board of Accountancy is a fairly open process.
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The governor's office also accepts and appreciates public nominations.
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