May 18, 2023

Next Metaphysical Service

Sunday, May 21st, at 10:00 AM

In Person at ISD Headquarters & via Zoom

Homily: "Love 101: The Search for God"

by Rev. Renee Ranke

Emcee: Jaya Buckland

Followed by Hospitality

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Intuitively received messages are given by ISD sanctioned mediums for some audience members as a regular part of the service.

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Upcoming classes and events...

Magdalene Meditation Circle w/Dale Capristo

Thursday May 18, 2023 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Our quality this month is Humility.

YouTube link Dale shared about this month's topic.


"Prosperity Now!" Class with Norma Victor


Thursday May 18, 2023 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Weekly on Thursday, until June 8, 2023

Via ZOOM Mtg- Get Link when you Register

Have you ever wished that you just had more money come into your life? Have you ever felt that you were stuck in a rut when it comes to your money supply? The "Prosperity Now" FREE class with ISD Sparta Faculty, and gifted trance channel, Norma Victor, will use proven metaphysical concepts and practices that will give you the tools to accomplish increased wealth and allow you to take control of your financial destiny.


SHIFT NY Holistic & Psychic Fair

by Rev. Diana Friedell

The SHIFT Fair was held on 4-22 and 4-23 and was a huge success! Thanks to the organizers, Diana Friedell, Kimberly Winsor, Judy Simmons, Sherry Barton, Tami Barrows, Amy Gallop, Ben Magill and MANY volunteers from ISD, we had about 220 attendees, many of whom came for both days, and 55 vendors. Additional volunteers included Carol Callahan, Tom Landon, Susan Owens, Connie Lull, JoAnn Wormuth, Sherri Price, Jaya Buckland and Dale Capristo. (My apologies if I left anyone out!)

We held a magical Message Gallery on Saturday night with 40 people in attendance, with Psychic Mediums, Story Lucile Ducey, Dick Buchanan, Adam Bernstein, and Diana Friedell giving messages from Spirit. Powerful and moving messages came through. So many people were positively impacted, energy shifts and miracles reported all around the rooms from the private reading and healing sessions. Many vendors donated to our raffle, and there were 25 winners of gift certificates- special thanks to Susan Owens & Kimberly Winsor for organizing and making sure everyone received their prizes!

If you were there, please watch for a Survey, and be sure to fill it out and reply. It helps us with the report for our Community Events Grant.

And the Good News is. . .

SHIFT New York is proud to announce that we are presenting ISD with a $3,000 donation, after all expenses are paid.

You will find more of Tami's amazing pictures on the SHIFT Facebook Page.

SHIFT NY Holistic & Psychic Fair was partially funded by a Community Events Grant administered by the Otsego County Government.

"Sanctity of the Vessel" w/Kimberly Winsor

Wed. 05/31/23 at 11:00 am

In person at Lotus Center, 124 Co. Hwy 58, Oneonta

This month's focus is about:

Energy Sensing, Boundaries & Safe Exchange

Sanctity of the Vessel ~ An ongoing exploration of practices for grounding, personal power and healing for people from all walks of life!

Sanctity of the Vessel is a class series of 8, that offers various techniques, practices and clearings, ~ anything~ that clears the way for our soul to work cleanly and clearly through this created form we call our bodies. Refining flow and connection of intent from our high self as pure & potent rivers navigating distractions & challenges we've picked up along the way these classes will feel more like circles than classes. Jump in at any time.


Check out our May 2023 events calendar for upcoming events and remember to like and follow us on Facebook, to see our events, guided meditations and homilies posted there. May event calendar  HERE

Prayer Warriors

Just a reminder that we are continuing our Prayer Warriors group, every day at 5pm we pause to pray and send our healing energies where they are most needed right now.

Each day at 5 PM EST, we will pause for about 10 minutes and meditate and pray with the intention of sending healing energy to all.

You do not have to be present each day. Requests for healing or suggestions should be submitted to our Healing Program director, JoAnn Wormuth at the below ISD website link.


Our Astrological Forecast

Connie’s Celestial Conversations



May 17th finds Jupiter squaring off with Pluto. This is a singular transit. (Often planets square up multiple times.) 

Again we have Pluto questioning the great good luck and expansion of Jupiter. The energies ask once more, "Are you sure this is your choice, truly what you value?" Along those lines Pluto may be happy to highlight past creations, perhaps some that seem to be of the shadow, or are just difficult.

You may wish to review the Astrology Forecast for Mar (22-29) of 2023 in the newsletter archive. It discussed Pluto as "redemption" energy. The following excerpt from one of Renee Ranke's automatic writing classes brings up another way to think of, and use, Plutonian energy in an expanded way.


*The scene referred to at the beginning is a wildlife sighting that my husband, Doug, and I had yesterday morning at the Erie Canal in Little Falls, NY. We saw an adult male Bald Eagle having an aerial fight with a maturing rival male. It was probably his offspring that is turning 5 years old sometime this Spring and coming into his sexual maturity.*

The other image of a blooming Lotus flower was from a Sophia Code initiation meditation I was receiving this morning before class. 

Both are an example of Spirit using something from my life's events almost immediately to help me REMEMBER.

I chose the writing prompt: How can I best be of service to the world right now?

"TAKE FLIGHT!!! Eagles soar. Young being pushed to find his own path. We showed you that scene for a reason. The young wants to stay where he is. Do what he knows.

The time is now. The Lotus grows and flowers from the dross/residue from our life's events. It is MEANT to transform and to grow again into the next, more magical and beautiful thought. From thought and thence into manifestation.

You are meant to create continuously with "the remains of the day." In the world of duality you will, by design, have energies that BEG to be reborn. NOT DUPLICATED, NOT FORCED TO LINGER, but to be reborn, recreated into another expression; one of ever increasing GRACE. 

You are the most Divine, most Exquisite creators. You wonderful, amazing souls who forsook your memory of your own Divinity, your own Sovereignty, just to create it anew from nothing but your own inherit Magick."

There is a TAURUS NEW MOON on 5/19 at 11:53 am EST. The Sun and Moon are both at 28°26' - very near the anaretic degree of Taurus. That degree encourages you to fully embrace all the attributes of any sign and use them to the best of your ability.

Taurus Sun leaves us soon, but in the remaining few days we have a powerful stellium of planets and points stamping the beginning of the year long Jupiter transit with extra emphasis. Jupiter, the Moon's North Node, Mercury, Uranus, the Sun, and Moon are together to send us into the next cycle.

Taurus is a fixed sign with stubbornness being a possible concern. It is the Springtime Earth sign for most of the planet's population. So at this 

juncture do you want the foundation, Earth connection? Do you want to determine what is truly valuable to you? A fertile abundance? That is probably a "yes."

Now I will further ask, "Are you open to expanding those traditional associations?"

This will be an ongoing question we will discuss quite a lot. Jupiter in Taurus for a year gives ample opportunity. 

Something else positive is present as well. Jupiter will be TRINE Aquarius and Libra throughout much of that time. We have been through many squared off aspects between signs and planets that have lasted months and years recently. Now is our chance for a long term, very beneficial aspect!

One more sign change coming up on 5/20 begs our attention and respect. MARS moves into Leo on 5/21 at 11:31 am EST until 7/10.

This would already be an attention grabber, but there is an added feature. MARS is joining LILITH in FIXED sign LEO. Potentially - LOOK OUT!!!

You've got some very powerful influences; alpha energy from all three players, and nobody much in the mood to compromise! Yikes.

You've probably all heard the question at some point," Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?" Well, for this transit we all might, "want to be right!"

As you know, I try to keep this information positive and helpful. I would be derelict in my duty, however, to ignore this. You have the strongest male/female representatives locked in the arena with Leo the Lion for a while.

Discern, discern, discern. Sometimes it is important to stand your ground and other times all that will do is allow the quick drying cement to set you in a position you would rather not stay.

Choose wisely.


(May 21 - 31)

There is one sign change for this time. The SUN moves into Gemini on 5/21 at 3:09 am EST until 6/21.

The 3rd sign of the zodiac is a mutable, air sign. It is characterized by outgoing, talkative types. The method of operation most often used is intellectual. The native usually possesses a curious, seeking mind. The glyph is called "The Twins." That speaks to a dual nature. 

Gemini can see multiple sides and finds them all worth looking into. It has a sunny disposition and is associated with the color yellow. This is a good placement for the Sun. 

Gemini as a constellation is easy to spot in the night sky. It is behind and to the left of Orion. The two left hand stars on the rectangular shape are Castor and Pollux.

The newly waxing Moon will be near Venus, Mars, Castor, and Pollux on the evenings of May 22-24th in the Western sky. The Twins were loved in both Greek and Roman mythology.

We will discuss Gemini more in the next columns.

I have been introducing more information and concepts in the columns for a while now. We have also looked at including asteroids and fixed stars to the analysis.

I have received more to ponder and will be introducing this expanded view of the possibilities for your consideration as we move forward.

If you spend even a few minutes looking at astrological systems you will quickly see that there is a great deal of differing opinion as to the "proper" astrology.

Many will defend their chosen interpretation vigorously, and they are not incorrect. Multiple things can be true at once. That is the nature of "the quantum."

I am concentrating on the Tropical System, which is Earth based and seasonally based.

A brief review of the balance that the system tries to create within its framework might be helpful.

The signs are given one of four elements. They are fire, earth, air, and water. The signs also alternate in typical expression. They are fixed, mutable, and cardinal. There is an ebb and flow from one sign to the next. The Houses are assigned typical themes of life that we all navigate.

I have not read this anywhere, but sense that the flow pattern is designed to mimic the SINE WAVE that is the common waveform throughout our world. There is a feminine give and receive character to the matrix.

Now we are in the cusp years between the Piscean and Aquarian ages. The feminine is on the rise again after being suppressed for a long time throughout our planetary history.

You have heard me mention that in addition to being among the earliest established sciences, I think that there is an applied ART to astrology as well. Certainly there is the archetypal expression of human nature in the signs, planets, asteroids, and fixed stars.

Some devotees insist that the scientific application is exact. I respectfully see more than that in the available applications.

Another pattern I have noticed in a slightly different way is this: Most of the signs have a choice to them. A duality of purpose and expression. This is not the debilitated/exalted or karmic balance. It is that many of the signs are combinations of humanoid/animal, or attributes put together that are not a matched set.

Allow me to whet your appetite with a brief trip through the zodiac:

ARIES - Ram (seemingly singular)

TAURUS - Bull (seemingly singular)

GEMINI - The Twins (dual)

CANCER - The Crab (duel)

LEO - The Lion (seemingly singular)

VIRGO - The Virgin (seemingly singular)

LIBRA - The Scales (duel)

SCORPIO- The Scorpion (seemingly singular)

SAGITTARIUS - The Centaur (duel)

CAPRICORN- The Sea Goat - (duel)

AQUARIUS- The Water Bearer - (duel)

PISCES - The Fishes - (duel)

What might I mean by this classification? Stay tuned. As the weeks go by and transits trigger the signs I will explain in much more detail. Suffice it to say that my ideas are anything but limiting. I hope you will gain something useful to you as well from a wider evaluation. I will leave you this week with that tease. It will begin with an interesting take on the Gemini Twins during the Solar transit through that sign.

May it help us all find our Godspeed.

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