October 13, 2022

Next Metaphysical Service

Sunday, October 16, 10 am

At ISD Lotus Center, 124 Co. Hwy 58, Oneonta, NY

and on ZOOM

Homily: "The Divine Black Sheep",

by Rev. Amanda Hoover

Emcee: Rev. Story Lucile Ducey

or watch the simulcast of homily on Facebook

Psychic Messages for some participants are a regular part of our Sunday Service.

Followed by Hospitality- Come One - Come All!


If you don't ask...

The answer is always no.

If you don't go after what you want...

you'll never have it.

I you don't step forward...

You're always in the same spot.

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Prayer Toolbox- #1 Divine Union w/Amanda Hoover

Thursday October 13, 2022 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Via Zoom Meeting- get link when you register

Session 1- Soul Remembrance of Divine Union: New Earth Consciousness, With Rev. Amanda Hoover

The ISD Faculty join forces to explore the power of prayer. Science has shown that prayer is effective, but how do we start a practice? What words, what attitudes actually work? Please join us in Zoom Class every Thursday, 10-13 through 11-17 and pick what to add to your spiritual garden.


"Midday at the Oasis" Social Time!

Friday October 14, 2022 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

ISD Headquarters 124 County Highway 58, Oneonta, NY 13820

Gather in with us at the new Lotus Center, on the 2nd and 4th Friday between 12 noon and 2pm for light lunch, laughter, & library time. We will at long last link together with all of those we have only seen on zoom for the past year! Yahoo! The Lotus Center is now located at 124 County Rd 58 (Hemlock Rd.), Oneonta, at the home of Tom Landon. Please let Tom know if you plan to drop in! Enjoy Casual conversation with fellow members and friends of ISD Oneonta. If its warm enough we will be on the Patio in the Oasis! Bring a dish to pass if possible, but don’t worry if you don’t have one- we just want to SEE you!

Peruse the ISD Members’ library, choose to take out a book on an array of metaphysical topics, including dream interpretation, channeled guides to life, dealing with loss, and much more.

We also have a set alone Edgar Cayce collection with more than 50 books written by Edgar Cayce, his son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, and many interpretations and commentaries from other authors.

Contact Tom Landon if you would like to attend: (240) 285-8011

Prayer Toolbox- Everyday Prayer w/Renee Ranke

Thursday October 20, 2022 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Via Zoom Meeting- get link when you register

The Power Prayer Toolbox Series

TODAY'S CLASS: "Everyday Prayer: Overcoming Obstacles to Prayer" with Rev. Renee Ranke

Does the thought of praying overwhelm you? Do you not know where to begin or what words to use? Do you find yourself only reaching to prayer when you need something?

In this class we will discuss some of common misunderstandings about prayer and we will look at how prayer can fit into your life and and be an oasis of love in a chaotic world.


Magdalene Meditation Circle w/Dale Capristo

Thursday October 20, 2022 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Monthly on the third Thursday


"Creating and Facilitating Guided meditation", w/Jaya Buckland

Saturday October 22, 2022 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Via Zoom Meeting- get link when you register

Guided Meditation has been a tool for practitioners of all philosophies for centuries. Learn the basics of creating and presenting guided meditation. We will cover the structure, timing and nuances of creating and facilitating an effective meditation experience for all.

Students will leave with a comprehensive structure for guided meditation, along with useful hints on creating and holding a safe space for successively facilitating a meditation session


Prayer Toolbox- "Science & Practices" w/JoAnn & Diana

Thursday October 27, 2022 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Via Zoom Meeting- get link when you register

The Power Prayer Toolbox Series


"The Science & Practices from World Religions" with JoAnn Wormuth & Diana Friedell

Join us as we explore the scientific work of Larry Dossey and others on the effectiveness of prayer, chanting, and forgiveness, and learn different ways to pray from world religions.We

will practice a prayer technique for balancing & calm in the world & take home prayers for our use.


SHIFT Fair Halloween 2022

THERE IS A Halloween SHIFT Fair! Save the Date!

A Transcendent & Fun Fair for All! —tried and true psychic readers & energy healers from across the Northeast- shopping for mystical delights, and 20+ free presentations on: Soul Purpose, Angels, Telepathy, Spirit Guides, Animal Communication, Past Lives, Ghosts, Yoga, Meditation & more- $10/Adv/1-day Pass to all events; $15/2-day Pass; or At the Door: $13/1-day; $18/2-day

Some spots left for Vendors, exhibitors, workshop presentations welcome- Find application at shiftnewyork.com

We need your help to make this a great event...

Volunteers needed for two hour shifts, as ISD is the beneficiary of this Event! Contact Kimberly Winsor if you can volunteer- kimberlyawinsor@gmail.com



Lightseeker's Discount

Are you committed to your spiritual unfoldment and to expanding your intuitive skills through regular practice with a like-minded supportive community, under ISD Faculty’s excellent tutelage?

Introducing the Lightseeker’s Discount:

For a donation of $40/month you may attend any & all OPEN Development Circles throughout the month. That's up to 15 circles a month!

If you attend 3 circles a week, the normal suggested donation for the month would be $120, and with the Lightseeker’s Discount, you pay only $40.

Please mark your donation (at the donation button on the website home page) as being for the monthly ‘Lightseeker’s Discount’.

Join us during the week for our open Online Development circles for anyone looking to further their spiritual and intuitive growth!

 Click Here to take a look at our Intuitive Development Circle Page

Join one/two/or join them all!

Take your pick. We have meditation and messaging or 'dream weaving'....please join us and tap into your own spiritual connection

Suggested Donation for these circles is $10 Please click below to make a donation to ISD and note what circle the donation is for

ISD Donation PayPal

Introducing the “Lightseeker’s Discount”:

For a donation of $40/month you may attend any & all OPEN development circles.

Circles eligible for the Lightseeker's discount are

 Written in green below* 

Weekly Development Circles:


2:30pm-4pm EST

* Learning & Psychic Development Circle

With Renee Ranke. These experiential intuitive development circles are designed to be a place to step away from the weight of the everyday world. Click below for additional information and the Zoom link.

Learning and Psychic Development Circle w/Renee Ranke

email interest or questions:mysticalmomentsremembered@gmail.com



5:30-6:30 pm EST

*Wise Wednesday Meditation and Intuitive Development Circle

Facebook Live unique guided meditation and Zoom intuitive development circle with our own pastor and co-director, Rev. Diana Friedell

Click below for additional information:

Wise Wednesday Development Circle

RSVP to Diana info@dianafriedell.com


*Dream Circle with Amanda Hoover

Thursdays (starting up again on October 6th)

10am-11:30am EST

Amanda will be taking over facilitation from Story Ducey.

This Circle is dedicated to receiving, recording and discussing the messages many of us are receiving ( and trying to recall!) in our ‘night school journeys.’ We are in a significant testing period. Our teachers, guides, and loved ones are helping us at night giving us personal and universal guidance.

CLICK below for more info

Thursday DREAM CIRCLE...

Monthly Circles:

3rd Thursdays

7-8 pm EST

Next circle is Thursday Oct 20th.

Path of the Magdalena Meditation Sessions

Path of the Magdalena Meditation sessions are an opportunity to join together monthly to activate the healing frequencies of Mary Magdalene in your own life.

Click below for additional information and the Zoom link.

Magdalena Meditation Circle w/Dale 

RSVP to Dale to receive the Zoom Link dalecapristo@gmail.com


1st Friday 

6:30-7:30pm EST

Next circle is October 7th.

Multidimensional Happy Hour

With Rev. Amanda Hoover. Join your guides and higher self for an all natural HAPPY HOUR party in the higher planes with Amanda. Our carefree lighthearted higher guidance and connecting with like-minded souls is a great way to go into the weekend feeling rejuvenated and full of loving vibration.

Click below for additional details and Zoom link

Happy Hour


Weekly Groups

Group Participation Price: $10/Session, payable directly to Story Ducey. (Not part of Lightkeeper's Discount Pass)

Link to Pay: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sducey

Contact Story for more information


Oracle Group

With Story Ducey. This experimental group will focus on deep meditation for healing and renewal and seeking guidance, teachings and homework from Spirit.

Click below for additional information:

Zoom Oracle Group

email interest and to get the Zoom link:storyducey@gmail.com


Check out our October 2022 events calendar for upcoming events and remember to like and follow us on Facebook, to see our events posted there. October event calendar HERE.

Prayer Warriors

Just a reminder that we are continuing our Prayer Warriors group, every day at 5pm we pause to pray and send our healing energies where they are most needed right now

Each day at 5 PM EST, we will pause for about 10 minutes and meditate and pray with the intention of sending healing energy to all.

You do not have to be present each day. Requests for healing or suggestions should be submitted to our Healing Program director, JoAnn Wormuth at the below ISD website link:

Request Prayers

Our Astrological Forecast

Connie’s Celestial Conversations


The amazing patterns in our sky this month continue, and will only get better! The opportunities for Soul growth individually, and collectively, are outstanding.

The Full Hunter Moon is at 4:54pm EDT on Sunday, Oct 9th. Moonrise in NY is approximately 6:35pm. The Moon will look particularly orange this month, and will "appear" almost full on the nights before and after this. There is a tight conjunction of the Sun, Venus, and Asteroid Psyche. You are familiar with the Sun and Venus, but maybe not Psyche.

She qualifies as a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. She has an iron/nickel core and is among the rarer (8% of all asteroids), metal class asteroids. She is thought to be a contributor to our primordial planetary development, making her important to all of us. She can speak to us of Founders Energy and Oversoul connections.

Her mythology is of the soul and mind. Knowing yourself well and choosing accordingly. Psyche asks, "Who and what will you take a great leap for, and will you take as great a leap for yourself?" While she is in Libra, we can be fair and magnanimous with everything we look upon. Her tight conjunction with the Sun and Venus is significant right now because she is part of a POWERFUL Stellium of planets in Libra starting the day after the Full Moon, and remaining right up to the cusp of the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th.

There is also a Grand Air Trine that accompanies the Full Moon. It is between Sun/Venus/Psyche conjunct in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, and Mars in Gemini. Another trine is present between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. These trines will be active for several days this month at the same time the stellium is active. They are very beneficial as the planets mirror their best qualities for each other. Additionally, Gemini has a softening effect on Mars, and when you add in a Trine aspect, you can create spiritual magic.

The following day Mercury moves back into Libra creating a Stellium of planets in Libra until the Sun moves into Scorpio on Oct 24th. Do you see the potential for vast gains leading up to the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th? 

You have a stellium, which always lends great emphasis to any sign, in Libra which is all about balance, justice, and win/win scenarios. What is more, the stellium contains the personal planets: Sun, Venus, Mercury, with Psyche added, and on the last days, the Moon. The personal planets are closest to our orbit and affect us the most.

That means that we each have a golden opportunity to "know thyself" and choose what is the very best expression of our gifts and talents. 

Then we can collectively decide on our course of action under the guidance of Pluto, which is in a particularly interesting position right now. Pluto resumes direct motion on the 10th. Leading up to this, and for a few more days afterward, Pluto remains stationary at 26°7' in Capricorn - for 12 days from 10/03 to 10/14. How is this significant?

Pluto has been retrograde for 5+ months. This planet affects entire generations together, as well as each of us personally. It highlights our shadow aspects. It is "holding space" now, giving us a chance to answer some critical questions. What are we finished with? What is enough? Pluto helps us transform what we wish to redefine. What is more, this stationary degree of 26 is a "Critical Degree" in Capricorn. A critical degree adds extra emphasis and gives us even more of a push to move beyond what is no longer serving us well. Make no mistake, you could be aware of some real irritation and disgust - ALLOW IT TO SERVE YOU. Try to evaluate with tolerance and grace. Then we can move from the self to the world at large. Allow it to make a better version of our collective soul moving forward. Any changes decided on may come quickly, or not. The change WILL happen energetically first, then show itself in the physical world.

Try to fully enjoy the glorious Autumn color display. As you bask in the beauty of the trees and Sun, remember that beautiful Venus is tucked behind the Sun this month, helping to enhance the very balance that Solar Libra is so adept at creating. May you find your Godspeed in all that beauty!


There has been a recurring aspect in 2022 that is reaching another peak interval this month. Saturn in Aquarius SQUARE Uranus in Taurus. They square off this month at 18° through the 11th and continue in a tight 1° conjunction all month.

This square may facilitate discomfort between old structures and innovation. Saturn emphasizes form, hard work, responsibility, and a devotion to the nuts and bolts of life. This does not have to be all drudgery. There is, undoubtedly, some area of life that requires effort for you to negotiate. Saturn brings this into focus, and very likely, also highlights a solution.

Uranus facilitates sudden changes, rebellions, and usually becomes a powerful ally when things have become stale and unfairly predictable.

Any tension created can be eased if you can make changes and innovations with a discernible, but different, framework. The brain can be somewhat stubborn at such times, making it harder to picture any other way being viable. Every new thought can immediately be followed by the Ego voice giving you reasons that it won't work! 

Imagination can come to your aid. Get firm with the inner critic. Tell your inner naysayer that it must remain quiet for a length of time. Play around with best case scenarios and concentrate on what you DO want. Win/win scenarios have the best chances of coming to fruition in these times we are going into. Dictatorial behavior is not favored. Ask for the energy of SOLUTION AND WELLBEING. 

SATURN and URANUS squaring up can produce the "best of both worlds" because each planet is well placed in Aquarius and Taurus respectively. Remember that squares create friction, but are not insurmountable by any means.

There are some significant shifts, all on Oct 23rd, just before the Lunar Eclipse on the 25th. Two sign changes and two retrograde planets/asteroids stationing direct:




JUNO direct in PISCES

The Sun and Venus are traveling together now in a cooperative alignment. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is traditionally associated with birth, death, sexuality, emotion, and willpower. There is another quality  - REGENERATION - that may come to the forefront now. We are still reinventing Piscean Age systems and structures. The Lunar Eclipse coming on the Scorpio/Taurus axis will assist the changes. The ease, or difficulty,  of the changes is open for choice. Pluto's rulership of Scorpio is important here. I discussed the critical degree (26°) placement of Pluto last week. It will be at this powerful position until Dec 9th - all through the Eclipse season. 

Anywhere there is an imbalance of power, resources, or inequality of any type, will be highlighted for regeneration into a more loving expression. Any changes will probably run the gamut from sudden, to seemingly non-existent. Just keep in mind that change happens energetically before it shows up in the physical.

SATURN stations direct in Aquarius. You have had several months to organize your life and work in an honest, disciplined way under the retrograde. It has probably been beneficial. Saturn's forward movement should be helpful. It is well placed in Aquarius.

JUNO also assumes direct motion in Pisces. She is in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Traditionally she is associated with long term commitment, relationship, and marriage in particular.  The interactions can be rewarding, but there can be a long suffering aspect to this energy if afflicted. 

NOW, I  am going to suggest to you that the time has arrived to adjust the traditional association with JUNO to one of Divine Relationship with SELF. The lovely, idealistic,  and dreamy Pisces qualities can help you fall in love with yourself -  and then all life. Coming from that expression you stand a much better chance at having rewarding relationships. JUNO is direct, ready to call upon respectful, equitable, sacred relationships with all of creation. 

The LUNAR ECLIPSE is on Oct 25th. There is a Stellium of planets again, this time in SCORPIO, rather than Libra. The SUN, MOON, and VENUS are all conjunct in the first decanate of Scorpio. The characteristics of this first 10 daysiare; loyalty, intensity, and great self discipline, should you choose to use it.

These qualities can be brought to bear in choosing the best course of action for whatever comes to your attention now. Your best interests will be highlighted, even if the introspection becomes somewhat uncomfortable. Utilized well, the very intensity that is a hallmark of Scorpio can be a wonderful asset. This is but one more opportunity to choose well! 

This is a new time, with our galaxy moving through a new area of space. It stands to reason that the cosmic and planetary relationships can and will mean something more fulfilling and closer to the ideal. CLOSER TO GODSPEED!

Do you or someone you know need some assistance with mental health issues or coping. Here is a link to the US Department of Health & Human Services that will provide you with resources and tools to help deal with the stress.

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