June 3, 2021

The Institute for Spiritual Development
Oneonta Chapter
A Metaphysical Church and School for Spiritual Development
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Join our Metaphysical Service this Sunday , June 6 at10am Live on Zoom!

You don't want to miss the magic and connection of our unique metaphysical services!

This Sunday the Magical Maggie Kilbride will honor us with her homily "Hugs, Don't Take Them Lightly" and Renee Ranke will be our emcee.

Join us on Zoom or watch a portion of our service during our simulcast to Facebook Live.

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Topic: Metaphysical Service Sunday June 6, 2021
Time: Jun 3, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Passcode: 389407
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What's Going On This Week at ISD Oneonta?

  • Don't Miss Out on This Wonderful Self Care Series!! Starting tonight, Thursday June 3 5:30pm - 7pm, with 'Spiral Meditation' and continuing for the another four Thursdays (for a total of five workshops)...Sign up now for 'The Body Enlightened' an AMAZING self-care series with Kimberly Winsor. Full details below in our Adult Education section!

  • Reiki 1 class is this Saturday June 05 10am-4pm. This is an 'in person' class at our new headquarters. Required for our Healing Certification Program, but open to anyone. Check out details and link for registration below in the Adult Education section

  • We are so excited to announce our official Thursday night summer series, 'Touch the Earth; Reach the Sky'', coming in July ......sign up now. Details below in the Adult Education section.

  • Also, watch for announcements about our Intuitive Practitioner Program and our ISD Healing Certification Program.

  • Looking for some inspiration? Check out our homilies on our YouTube channel: 

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Help Needed: Stories About Dads Revealing Their Sensitive Side

I am looking for some inspiration for a Father's Day homily!

Share with me memories or stories that spotlight your father's or grandfather's softer side (or someone who has been like a father to you) and they may get used in my June 20th Father's Day homily! I can't guarantee that I will use them all; but I would be honored to get to know your fathers, grandfathers, and father-like figures better!

Email them to me at reneeranke@gmail.com

Please help us to keep offering quality classes, beautiful metaphysical services, and engaging development circles by clicking on the donate button below to make a donation to ISD Oneonta.
No amount is too small! If you are a member making a pledge, please mention that in the comments
Adult Education

Saturday June 5

Reiki Level One
Energy Healing Training with JoAnn Wormuth

This class is offered only live in-person.

Required for our upcoming ISD Healing Certification, but open to anyone.
Learn to use this ancient Japanese technique for clearing blockages in life force energy - reduce chronic pain, illness, & stress for yourself and others, create more balance, wellness & good health. Increase your power & effectiveness as a healer thru JoAnn's Attunements & practice healing with the techniques, under JoAnn's excellent tutelage

Tuition: $90 or $85 for ISD Members. . . .
Cost includes Manual, Certificate, Lunch and Beverage

If you are interested, but can't make this date. Please let us know as JoAnn will be offering future sessions

Summer is Heating Up With Our Thermodynamic Thursday Offerings!!!
We bring you Two wonderful 'Soul-full' series where the theme is YOU. Self Care takes center stage beginning with 'The Body Enlightened' Series with the wonderful Kimberly Winsor and continuing with 'Touch the Earth; Reach the Sky'.
Make yourself a priority this summer and join us every Thursday night through August.

The Body Enlightened Series
with Kimberly Winsor

Join us in June for this healing series that provides you with tools for personal wellness and self-care designed to increase the living light in your body:

Thursday June 3rd 5:30pm -7pm Spiral Meditation
an exercise to bring the resonance of the heart center out;
balancing the great power around and in us
Thursday June 10th 5:30pm -7pm Superfoods
7 of the most important foods to get into you daily!
Thursday June 17th 5:30pm -7pm Flower Essences
Introduction to flower essences so that you may begin
to incorporate them into your life
Thursday June 24th 5:30pm -7pm Byron Katie Worksheet
Self-work for unraveling some of our tightest spots
Thursday July 1st 5:30pm -7pm Power Herbs
6 common herbs that can help with various
health challenges
Tuition: $25/class or $20 for ISD Members. . . .
Or purchase the whole 5 class series for the price of 4 classes.....

All five classes in the series for:
$125 $100 General Tuition
$100 $80 ISD Members

Coming Thursdays in July:

Touch the Earth; Reach the Sky
Summer 2021 Soulful Healing Series

Enjoy your summer, enhance your spiritual journey, rejuvenate, meet like minded souls. Open your innate Spiritual Gifts. Find your path to service. 
Join us on Zoom every Thursday starting July 8th, 2021, with a different topic each time.
Zoom link sent when you register. Click on TITLE.
Register Individually or for WHOLE SERIES for 20% Off at the Registration Link for July 8th or 15th Class.
July 8th, 2021 5:30-7:00pm  
Reiki & Yoga Refresh-  with Alison Christiansen.
Relax with a restorative, all levels Kripalu Yoga practice, with long distance Reiki, Grounding & self-empowerment practices will enrich the clearing & cleansing experience with Alison, an Ithaca based Yoga Teacher, Therapist & Reiki Master. 

July 15th, 2021 5:30-7:00 pm
Have you ever felt such negative energy from someone that you felt psychically attacked? Dick Buchanan, a long time psychic, shares tried & true techniques to repel & spiritually protect ourselves against negative energy.

July 22nd, 2021 5:30-7:00 pm
In this interactive workshop we will take a look at grief; how it manifests in our lives and how we can view it as a stepping stone to catharsis and transformation.

July 29th, 2021 5:30-7:00pm
Heart Linking with Your Angel with JoAnn Wormuth, IET Healer, Reiki Master Teacher
Who is my Angel? Everyone has an angel, but angels must obey human free will. JoAnn guides us in inviting angel guidance & wisdom into our lives thru this transformational workshop. 

August 5th, 2021 5:30-7pm
Susquehanna Mystery: The Scranton Enigma-  with Michael Wann; Artist, Astrologer, Storyteller, Researcher
The Susquehanna Sage, reveals another intriguing mystery about the Susquehanna, the Grandmother River, involving Goddess worship, and the city of Scranton which sits on her banks.

August 12th, 2021 5:30-7pm
E-Squared Book Contemplation- with Amanda Hoover, ISD Co-Director, Life Coach
We will experience meditation techniques from Pam Grout’s spectacular & uplifting book, for seeing how we inform our outer reality and discuss our holographic universe to understand and practice quantum manifestation

August 19th, 2021 5:30-7pm   

Each Class Individually:
$25 General Tuition $20 ISD Members

Purchase the full series and get a 20% discount (full series registration at the July 8th or July 15th event)
$150 $120 General Tuition $120 $96 ISD Members

OTHER EXCITING SUMMER EVENTS will be advertised soon!

Join us during the week for our open Online Development circles for anyone looking to further their spiritual and intuitive growth!
Join one/two/or join them all!
Take your pick. We have meditation and messaging or 'dream weaving'....please join us and tap into your own spiritual connection

Suggested Donation for these circles is $10 Please click below to make a donation to ISD and note what circle the donation is for
Our Weekly Circles:

Tuesday Afternoons 2:30pm-4pm EST

Learning and Psychic Development Circle

With Renee Ranke. These experiential intuitive development circles are designed to be a place to step away from the weight of the everyday world.
Click below for additional information and the Zoom link
email interest or questions:mysticalmomentsremembered@gmail.com
Wednesday Evenings 5:30-6:30 pm EST

Wise Wednesday Meditation and Intuitive Development Circle

Zoom meditation and intuitive development circle with our own pastor and co-director, Rev. Diana Friedell
Click below for additional information:
RSVP to Diana info@dianafriedell.com
Thursday Mornings 10-11:30am EST

Dream Message Circle

With Rev. Story Lucile Ducey. This circle is dedicated to receiving, recording and discussing the messages many of us are receiving in our ‘night school journeys.’
Click below for additional details
RSVP to Story storyducey@gmail.com
And our Monthly Circles:

Monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month 7-8 pm EST

Path of the Magdalene Meditation Sessions

Next circle is Thursday June 17th
Path of the Magdalene Meditation sessions are an opportunity to join together monthly to activate the healing frequencies of Mary Magdalene in your own life.
Click below for additional information
RSVP to Dale to receive the updated Zoom Link dalecapristo@gmail.com
Monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month 6pm-7:30 pm EST

Allowing Abundance

Next circle Tuesday June 22nd
This circle, facilitated by Elke Saal, will meet monthly on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
Based on the Abraham Hicks teachings and using principles of intention we will deepen our understanding of allowing abundance into our lives.

Check out our June 2021 events calendar on ISDOneonta.org for upcoming events and remember to like and follow us on Facebook to see our events posted there.

The Answer is Brown by Renee Ranke

What is the answer, I cried, to finding our way?
How do we step beyond?
Beyond the dissonance
The pain
The anger
The hatred
The dread?
An answer, I feared would never come

Yet, as I listened closely
Within the rustling of an angel’s wings
A reply
Brown is the answer that you seek

Brown, I asked confused, that does not seem right
Brown is not bright
Brown is not cheerful
Brown is not hopeful
Brown is just

Oh how little you understand my beautiful child
Brown is the color of creation
Brown is the color of the earth beneath you
Brown is the color of your mother’s eyes
Brown is the color of your skin kissed by the sun

There is no answer to be found in black
There is no answer to be found in white

So in the middle then? Somewhere between the two?

Oh no my darling
The answer is not found within a dingy shade of grey
Where the first gives up a smidgen of their white
And the next a dab of their black
The truth for humanity resides in uniqueness
Not in disassembling or forcing all to digest a single color

Look to the heavens, what do you see?
The canvas of the sky is a brilliant blue
Burnished with regal red in the evening light
Or lit with the yearnful yellow of the morning sun
When brought together what emerges?
A brilliant Brown

Look to the foundation beneath your feet
The green of the grass
The red of the roses
Combine into the rich Brown soil
Purple lilacs
Yellow daffodils
Burst from the fragrant Brown ground

All colors begin and end spiraling together in Brown

Look closely at that rainbow overhead
See the edges where the colors overlap
That is the Brown of unity

The beauty of Brown is what you must strive for
A new color
A new genesis
A new world
A new cohesion
Where each color thrives and is revered for its beauty
And at the seams
Where the edges meld together
There is your answer
That is the Brown of Love

Our Weekly Astrological Forecast

Connie’s Celestial Conversations


Mercury is now retrograde in Gemini. Mercury is the Messenger planet, a Mental stimulant. Gemini increases this Mental stimuli in dynamic ways, being a gregarious sharp witted sign. Mercury rules Gemini so the combination is a powerhouse of thought and communication. During retrograde motion (appearing to move backward) involving Mercury, be prepared to review, rethink, some of your long held core beliefs about yourself and others.
I say Core Beliefs because we have been discussing new influences in our fields for weeks now. Earth is passing into new areas of space, new tones being detected, all while our physical bodies are experiencing an on-going change in the operating system from electromagnetic to crystalline. We are becoming more refined, despite some appearances to the contrary. We are stirring up the dregs and shaking off the dross of our history on this planet. This is an aid to the concept of, "To change your future, change your mind!"

It will be useful to implement as much ease and grace as possible as all the adjustments swirl around us. Resist what shows up for your review as little as possible! Your oversoul loves you dearly and is guiding you.
One theme for most of 2021 not yet discussed is the square of Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. That has Saturn's conformity and restrictions in outward seeking, Aquarius butting up against Uranus' rebellion and explosive changes in stable Earth based Taurus. The two planets squaring off is a long pattern that plays out for almost 2 years since these two outer planets have big orbits around the Sun. They will be broadcasting this uncomfortable energy at us well into 2022.
All is for our growth. It's sometimes challenging and uncomfortable but the Universe's default setting is LOVE!
Take care of your self with what brings you personal relaxation. Consider things that will sooth your nervous system in particular.
Next time we have a Solar Eclipse at the beginning of the week which will be discussed in detail.

And the Good News Is!!!!!

  • It’s time for a little beauty break. Check out This My Modern Met.com article with some breathtaking photos from the 2020 International Photography Awards. 

  • Honoring your inner Divine Feminine is one way to contribute towards the healing that is needed in the world right now. This Awaken.com article provides six tips to help you get in touch with the grace and wisdom of your own connection to the Sacred Feminine. 

  • Apparently, I am not smarter than a 2-year old! Check out This Good News Network article about Kashe Quest, the beautiful 2-year-old from California who has just become the youngest member of Mensa.

The below link will remain here for easy access:

  • Do you or someone you know need some assistance with mental health issues or coping. Here is a link to the US Department of Health & Human Services that will provide you with resources and tools to help deal with the stress.
“Midday at the Oasis”- Fridays

Drop in at the new Lotus Center, every Friday between 12 noon and 2pm for light refreshments, laughter, & library time. 

We will at long last link together with all of those we have only seen on zoom for the past year! Yahoo! 

The Lotus Center is now located at 124 County Rd 58 (Hemlock Rd.), Oneonta, at the home of Tom Landon.  Enjoy Casual conversation with fellow members and friends of ISD Oneonta. In the warm weather we will be poolside. 

Peruse the ISD Members’ library, choose to take out a book on an array of metaphysical topics, including dream interpretation, channeled guides to life, dealing with loss, and much more.
We also have an Edgar Cayce collection with more than 50 books written by Edgar Cayce, his son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, and many interpretations and commentaries from other authors.  

Contact Tom Landon if you would like to attend and he will coordinate the refreshments: (240) 285-8011
Carol Callahan, Librarian
Susan Owens, Tom Landon, Membership Comm.

For those of you in Oneonta or the vicinity who are looking for information on Covid vaccination:
SUNY Oneonta is now a New York State POD (Point of Dispensing) for the COVID-19 vaccine. They are prepared to vaccinate up to 1,200 people seven days a week from morning to evening. 
Make an Appointment:
By Phone: 1-833-697-4829
Local sites:
  • SUNY Oneonta
  • Otsego County Health Department
  • A.O. Fox Hospital, Oneonta
  • Bassett Medical Center, Cooperstown
For help making an appointment: Call NYConnects at (607) 547-4232
For a ride to vaccine appointments: Call GetThere at 1-855-373-4040

Struggling with Zoom? We Want to Help
We Miss You!
Do you want to join our events, classes, or Sunday Metaphysical Services but you are struggling with the technology?

Shoot us an email at isdoneonta@gmail.com Let us know that you are struggling and what problems you are having. We will see what our team of spiritual 'tech gurus' can do to help. 

....and if you are a 'tech guru' yourself ,and would like to offer a helping hand, please reach out and let us know that you would be willing to help by assisting other members who are having technology issues!

Did you know that there are SEVEN ISD chapters?
It all began with ISD Sparta NJ!
Now there are also chapters in Madison NJ, Washington DC, Sarasota Fla, Treasure Cost Fla, Middle Tennessee, and of course....right here in Oneonta NY.

We would ALL like to welcome you to our new Institute for Spiritual Development Facebook group:

Together we shine love and light to souls around the country and around the world with education, metaphysical services, healing and community.
We support YOU in your quest to explore, build, and develop your own spiritual connection
Got Bottles & Cans to return?

ISD has a CLYNK account at Hannaford in Oneonta. 

How can I help? 

Email Tom Landon at tlfandon51@gmail.com and he will give you a time to pick up stickers at our new ISD headquarters.
Take one to put on each bag that you are bringing to Hannaford- Ask someone there where the bags go. With that correct tag on it, the bottle deposit money goes directly into the ISD Oneonta Account.

Just a reminder that we are continuing our Prayer Warriors group, every day at 5pm we pause to pray and send our healing energies where they are most needed right now

Each day at 5 PM EST, we will pause for about 10 minutes and meditate and pray with the intention of sending healing energy to all.
You do not have to be present each day. Requests for healing or suggestions should be submitted to our Healing Program director, Jo Ann Wormuth at the below ISD website link:

Rev. Diana Friedell, Pastor & Co-Director A popular area medium and psychic for 17 years, graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale, NY & SUNY Oneonta, Rev. Diana is astounding in her commitment to bring the Institute to Oneonta as a gathering place for all who want to explore their own Divine nature & expand intuitive gifts. I look forward to chatting with you! 607-433-2089
See my brand new website! Thank you Dan Afriacano: www.dianafriedell.com
Also available for private phone readings/consultations during these changing times.

Our ISD Leadership
Shown Amanda Hoover, Co-Director

Amanda Hoover - Co-Director w/Diana
Story Lucile Ducey,
Adult Education/Programming Chair
Ministry Training Program
Renee Ranke – Adult Education/Programming Co-Chair
& Newsletter Editor
Jo Ann Wormuth Developing Healing Certification Program to start in September!
Many more new leaders are stepping up. . . more to come
We could use your help. If you can volunteer to help with the Bookstore, hospitality, ushering, building maintenance, website, office tasks, shopping- Just call or email! Diana!

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Your gift helps to sustain Oneonta's first Metaphysical Church and learning center. . .