You better break out your sunscreen, because we have a hot summer planned at ISD Oneonta!!

This Thursday night is the kickoff for our Mediumship Summer Series. You don't want to miss Sacred Dialogues with Diana and Story. Join in the Conversation!!

Thursday nights are heating up in July and August.

Join us to learn more about mediumship, test out different mediumship methods and styles, and practice, practice, practice!! Join 1 or join them all.

They are all at a special reduced rate of $25 a session or $20 for ISD members

  • Mediumship and Messaging Summer School     

      Zoom Thursday night Series

Coming in August, two new classes, Preparation for my Holistic Practice and Teaching Methods for Metaphysical Classes. Both of these classes are invaluable as Diana shares from her wealth of knowledge and experience as a professional psychic medium and Diana and JoAnn offer tips from their years of teaching healing and metaphysical classes.

We have a Quantum Manifestation series, Tarot Workshops and a Star Seed and Earthkeeper series....OH MY!!!

And for those of you who are in the area and interested in writing, join Renee at Darling Hill Farm for Soul Wisdom Writing; a unique writing retreat sure to help you relax and flow with the Universe!!!

See below for our other summer programs with links to full details and registration or check out the calendar on our website!!

This Thursday, July 7 5:30pm to 7:30pm is Sacred Dialogues with Story Lucile Ducey and Diana Friedell

In this first ZOOM class of our Mediumship Summer School, Diana Friedell and Story Ducey, ISD Co-Directors will discuss telepathy, and the nature of a psychic reading vs. a medium reading with examples and techniques. Practice receiving and giving messages from Spirit!

Coming up in July and August we have a batch of new and exciting classes. A mixture of in-person and Zoom-based training.

More exciting classes and workshops coming up this summer:

      In-person and on Zoom

      In-person Series and Zoom Series Available


      In-person and on Zoom

      In-person and on Zoom


Full details with links Here

And come join us for one or more of these this summer...we can't wait to see you!!!

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