Dr. Alison Premo Black is the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist for the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA). She is also deputy managing director of the Contractors Division, manages the Transportation Investment Advocacy Center program, and is responsible for over 85 studies examining national and state transportation funding and investment patterns, including the association's landmark economic profile of the transportation construction industry, state bridge condition profiles and annual modal forecast.

ISEA's Executive Summit serves as a powerful resource and networking opportunity, designed to keep safety equipment industry leaders up to date on the industry landscape as you chart a course for the future. Held May 6 - 8, 2018, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Arlington VA.  Learn more and register here.

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ISEA has added an additional Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP) class in 2018, to meet the growing number of safety sales professionals seeking to become QSSPs. The new class will be held on October 15-19, and will provide 40 additional enrollment slots to safety sales and marketing professionals interested in taking the popular QSSP program.


Samsung Electronics Co. is considering a blockchain ledger system to keep track of global shipments worth tens of billion of dollars a year, according to Song Kwang-woo, the 
blockchain chief at  Samsung SDS Co., the group's logistical and information and technology 
arm. The system could cut shipping costs by 20 percent, according to SDS.


OSHA investigators found Wilbert Inc., which operates as Wilbert Plastic Services, exposed 
its employees to crush injuries, burns, and fall hazards while they conducted maintenance on plastic injection molding presses.

While President Donald Trump seeks another sizable cut to the Department of Labor's 
budget, Secretary of Labor R. Alexander Acosta is attempting to boost enforcement funding 
in certain agencies, including OSHA.

When OSHA cites a collision repair facility for violating its safety and health standards, the 
culprit often is respiratory protection or hazard communication.


What is the significance of the updated EU Personal Protective Equipment Directive and 
what does this mean for manufacturing?


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