August 18, 2015 

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Safety Industry & Member News
Washington Update 
ISEA applauds OSHA for the publication of its InfoSheet  "Health Effects from Contaminated Water in Eyewash Stations." This document details the importance of regular maintenance of emergency eyewashes to prevent buildup of infectious organisms, including  acanthamoeba, pseudomonas and Legionella
Safety Industry & Member News
Honeywell has announced the availability of Fix-A-Fit, a comprehensive new guide to properly selecting, fitting and using industrial earplugs. 
Hand Protection by Numbers (Honeywell Safety)Gloves
Honeywell launch two new innovative color-coded cut-resistant gloves for rugged environments.
Safe Reflections Opens New Taiwan FacilitySafe
Safe Reflections, the globally recognized leader in enhanced visibility and reflective solutions for the occupational safety, consumer active wear apparel and military training markets, has opened a new headquarters for its Asia business unit in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
New DEWALT FR Vest and T-Shirt (Radians)New

DEWALT's new Class 2 modacrylic FR mesh  vest and t-shirts will help protect workers with a brand name they know and trust. Both the DSV971 vest and DST911/DST921 t-shirts are built in the USA with global materials to provide Guaranteed Tough™ protection. 

FallTech, a leading manufacturer of fall protection products built for all industries where workers are exposed to falls from elevation, today announced the release of the DuraTech 6' Mini and 9' WrapTech Self-Retracting Devices (SRD).
Lakeland Industries, Inc. uses the latest technology in their offerings to ensure that workers from both the private and public sectors are protected from diseases, hazardous chemicals and fire.
For over eight decades, Scott Safety's approach to product development has positioned the company as the preferred provider of high specification safety solutions to major global organizations, such as first responders; the military and civil defense; the petroleum, oil and gas sector and chemical, construction and industrial environments.
The market is expected to grow at a constant rate during the forecast period because of increased government emphasis on their usage at workplaces in developed economies. The growth of the market is further augmented by the increased need for protection of military and healthcare personnel owing to increased threat of chemical and biological warfare, and increase in outbreaks of rapidly spreading diseases.
Washington Update
Case Farms Processing ignores dangers, cited with 55 violations after latest inspections. Workers continue to be exposed to serious amputation, electrocution and fall hazards.

Lifefleet did not require employees to use gloves and face masks when in contact with infectious materials. The company failed to train workers about hazardous workplace chemicals, and did not review and update the exposure control plan annually.
While Republic Steel has made a significant investment in personnel, training and safety improvements, workers are still exposed to serious  fall and chemical hazards, with 3 repeated, 8 serious citations, and nearly $163K in proposed fines.
AOHP Adopts New Position on Respiratory Protection for Healthcare WorkersAOHP

In its position statement, AOHP highlighted its ongoing efforts to encourage the implementation of effective respiratory protection programs in hospitals and better training on the proper use of personal protective equipment. The organization also identified respiratory protection as a critical area of competence for occupational health professionals.
Questions about smoke exposure started circulating in 1988, when the summer-long conflagration in Yellowstone National Park got people wondering if there was a health and safety issue from breathing fumes shift after shift. But the technology wasn't ready to provide any good answers.
A Niosh Malaysia delegation led by Federal Human Resources Minister, Datuk Seri Richard Riot visited the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) of Niosh USA in Cincinnati, Ohio, to study the works carried out by the CDC with regard to matters concerning occupational safety and health at the workplace.
Emerging PPE & Global News

Miners working from heights face danger every time they put on a fall arrest harness. One mistake could cost them their lives. Training workers to face the danger with the right knowledge and experience is the first and most important step toward safely working at heights.
Lax safety procedures and oversight have been blamed for the blasts, which have killed more than 100 people and sent toxic fumes into the air, threatening even greater devastation.

Udyogi's association with Tolexo goes beyond safety shoes to all personal protective equipment, while Hillson is slated to launch its latest line of safety shoes, "Hillson Max", exclusively for Tolexo customers. The partnership with both Hillson and Udyogi will offer Tolexo customers seamless access to premier safety equipment at matchless prices.
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