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Safety Industry & Member News
  • CEO of PPE Supplier ERB Named Chairman of ISEA (ERB Safety, DowDuPont, Kimberly-Clark Professional and 3M Personal Safety Division)
  • What's Trending With Cut-Resistant Gloves? (DSM Dyneema)
  • Safety Commitment: Large Midstate Contractor Shuts Down for the Day (MSA Safety)
  • Disposable Gloves: Good for Industrial Applications? (Protective Industrial Products, Inc)
  • 2018 State of Safety
  • Offshore Wearables: Making Safety Simpler
Washington Update 
Emerging PPE & Global News
  • Kimberly-Clark Professional's Ad Campaign Aims to Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry (Asia)

Sheila Eads, President and Chief Executive Officer of  ERB Industries was elected 
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the  International Safety Equipment Association 
(ISEA), at the group's annual meeting in Arlington, VA. Craig Wallentine, Global Business Development Manager from DowDuPont, was elected Vice Chairman.

Hand injuries represent one quarter of all industrial accidents, a surprising statistic 
considering the availability of information and technology that makes prevention a 
reasonable target.

What is the value of safety for a construction company?

How effective are disposable gloves for industrial applications?

As a new year begins, Safety+Health offers data to help paint a picture of the current safety landscape

Industries are starting to embrace wearable IoT devices that can help protect workers by monitoring biometrics, broadcasting data back to control rooms and warning workers of 
potential dangers. Will offshore oil and gas get on board with this trend?


"If confirmed, I will work very hard every day side by side with the best safety professionals 
at America's ultimate safety department," Mugno said in his opening statement. "The 
discussions or debates on how to reach that goal (of safety) can, at times, lead some to 
believe one side or another doesn't believe in the goal. Nothing could be further from the 

The new Cal/OSHA advisory says explicitly that if workers are exposed to air that's been designated as "unhealthy," "very unhealthy," or "hazardous," their employers "are required 
to provide filtering respirators such as masks labeled N95 and certified by the National 
Institute for Occupational Safety and Health."


In an industry with no margin for error, contamination in labs and cleanrooms leads to low productivity, product recalls and even closures.


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