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Futurist Eric Garland gathers data and research on how the world is changing, from macroeconomic trends down to individual companies, and guides executives and leaders in integrating that knowledge into better future decisions. 


Honeywell announced the BW Clip4, a new four-gas, portable monitor that once turned 
on can operate continuously for two years without the need to change sensors or charge 
batteries, helping customers boost safety compliance and reduce maintenance costs.

"Although popular, misting trucks/systems can be expensive and immobile," said 
Allie Thunstrom, product specialist, Ergodyne. "We've created a simple, portable and 
affordable way for people to keep their cool."

FallTech, a provider of  personal safety fall protection products, has announced the launch 
of a new line of DuraTech Self-Retracting Devices with a side cable payout -- a new 
generation of SRD. 

Scott Sight Announces Mobile App

"We worked with our internal development team to create an intuitive app that allows 
firefighters to configure their Scott Sight to enhance their experience," said John Graves, 
global product manager, thermal imaging solutions. "The new app will allow users to 
personalize their in-mask display and share configurations with other team members."

According to Michael Bolden, Radians Eyewear Product Manager, "The ES6 is a prime 
example of how a safety glass moves beyond protection (Takes an Impact) and into the 
realm of trend-setting style (Makes an Impact).

Firefighter protective hoods are the most penetrable piece of equipment; they do not 
stop soot and chemicals from depositing on a firefighter's neck and head - areas that are extremely vulnerable to dermal exposure.


Businesses that make, use, sell, distribute or dispose of a host of chemical-containing 
products have a month to check out the EPA's preliminary information about their use of 10 chemicals and correct that information if it's outdated or flat out wrong.

A Puyallup, Wash., construction company allegedly exposed workers to potential falls and 
other hazards at a residential construction site in Olympia.

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Two Japanese textile companies have developed a new set of undergarments which could become potential lifesavers for drowsy drivers and overheated construction workers. 


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