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  • An Ultrathin, Super-Stretchy Nanomesh Skin Display is the Future of Wearables
  • Microsoft Expands HoloLens Availability, Hard Hat Option Coming Soon

ISEA, the leading association for personal protective equipment and technologies, and ANSI-accredited standards developing organization is pleased to welcome Carhartt as its newest member.

ISEA is seeking public comments in response to its proposed new standard dropped object prevention solutions.  Currently designated as ISEA 121, the standard seeks to establish 
minimum design, performance, and labeling requirements for solutions that reduce dropped objects incidents in industrial and occupational settings.

ISEA, an ANSI-accredited standard developing organization, is seeking consensus body 
reviewers for two standards initiatives.

ISEA's Executive Summit is the association's premier executive conference, where the industry's leaders converge, to join in thought-provoking discussions about driving industry-wide growth.  Register here.

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of Ten New Gloves
Radians, a global leader in safety solutions, recently launched ten new  gloves. They have 
been aggressively adding new glove styles since 2015, growing their product offering by 

Honeywell released a way for companies to improve productivity and regulatory compliance 
by connecting their existing inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) using 
Honeywell's cloud-based Safety Suite software and specialized electronic tags.

President David Young of A&M Industrial stated, "ITS, like A&M, has distinguished itself as 
an organization with an unwavering commitment to the success of their customers. ITS's 
affiliation with A&M enables them to offer customers a broader range of industrial products 
and inventory management services."


Japanese researchers have created a  stretchy, ultrathin electric "skin" that can read and 
display the wearer's heartbeat.

Despite HoloLens being now almost two years old, Microsoft isn't showing any signs of 
slowing down its plans for the AR headset. Today the company announced that the device is available in two more markets, with rental options rolling out, and a forthcoming hard hat 
solution to allow the headset to be used in more places.


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