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Alan Adams, CEO of Navazon Consulting, and a former Amazon executive, will talk about how to win with Amazon and what to consider before you take action,  at the 2017 ISEA Executive Summit. Register Now!

ISEA President Dan Shipp responded to a recent article on purchasing used safety equipment. According to Dan Shipp, " In reality, purchasing used PPE is a bad idea. It's common practice, embedded in product standards, that PPE should be taken out of service when it's done its job." (Scroll to the comment/discussion section of the article to read entire post). 

(Honeywell Safety, 3M Fall Protection) 
"Good training is about meeting the specific needs of workers based on the type of work 
they'll perform," says John Eckel, Sr. Technical Training Specialist at Miller Fall Protection.

Hearing protection is a must in noisy high-risk work environments; however, the use of 
hearing protectors can at times be compromised due to the need to communicate with 
co-workers and the need to be aware of your environment with the ability to hear sirens, 
warning signals, etc.

"Commercial and industrial businesses rely on gas monitoring technology to keep people 
safe and operations running smoothly without interruption. Gas detectors that are easy to 
install, operate and service save time and money," said Duncan Gooch, product manager 
for Honeywell Industrial Safety.

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Falls remain a major and costly work problem, both on construction sites and inside 
manufacturing and processing facilities, said Tyrone Taylor, director of workplace safety consultation for the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


According to NIOSH, at this time, "the OELs for nanomaterials are benchmark levels to 
which the exposure levels measured in a specific workplace can be compared.

President Donald Trump's drive to cut regulations could slow or cancel rules under 
development by OSHA in an effort to alleviate the regulatory burden on industries.

The Total Worker Health concept emphasizes a work environment that is free of hazards 
and uses "a modern prevention approach" that acknowledges that occupational factors 
can affect the well-being of employees, their families and their communities.

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TOS+H EXPO, Turkish Occupational Safety + Health Exhibition, will take place from 
May 6 - 9, 2018 at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey. Key exhibitor categories 
include personal protective equipment, ergonomics and fire protection.


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