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The markets of Southeast Europe are investing in infrastructure and market development.  They represent an opportunity for U.S. companies to increase sales and find a strategic foothold to grow in Europe.
Join Trade Winds - Southeast Europe to connect to potential partners, government decision-makers, market experts, and companies that have succeeded in the region.
Trade Winds, the largest annual U.S. government-led trade mission, will lead U.S. companies and organizations to Southeast European markets in 2017, to connect them to promising business opportunities.
In nine international Trade Winds events, the U.S. Commercial Service team has facilitated more than $240 million in export sales for U.S. companies.
Your company should join Trade Winds - Southeast Europe to take advantage of projected regional economic growth and to gain a strategic foothold to launch a larger European export strategy.
The region features strategic ports and bustling overland trade routes to established markets, and these individual markets are all heavily investing in infrastructure growth and market development. 
or call Dorette Coetsee at the U.S. Commercial Service in Columbia, SC, at 803-255-2623.


Infection Control Today invited manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) 
products to provide  instruction on best practices relating to the evaluation of products as 
well as how to  introduce and integrate them into the healthcare environment. 

Department of Defense emergency responders should benefit from streamlined access 
to protective apparel, thanks to a Strategic Distribution Agreement between Kappler, Inc. 
and ADS, Inc.

Understanding the revised hand protection standards for cut-resistant gloves can help 
you select the best gloves for your workforce and job tasks.

The incident yielded nine safety violations for the Minnesota-based contractor and 
proposed fines of $189,000.

Confined Spaces in Residential Construction: OSHA Publishes New Fact Sheet

The resource is intended to protect residential construction workers operating in confined 
spaces such as attics, basements and crawl spaces, and includes information about 
types of employers and employer obligations regarding PPE, training and rescue plans.


An MIT team's award-winning research and IoT prototype demonstrate a tangible 
application of wearable and IoT technology, providing a look at future industrial safety 


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