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  • ISEA Government Relations:  Short Report, July 2017
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The markets of Southeast Europe are investing in infrastructure and market development.  They represent an opportunity for U.S. companies to increase sales and find a strategic foothold to grow in Europe.
Join Trade Winds - Southeast Europe to connect to potential partners, government decision-makers, market experts, and companies that have succeeded in the region.
Trade Winds, the largest annual U.S. government-led trade mission, will lead U.S. companies and organizations to Southeast European markets in 2017, to connect them to promising business opportunities.
In nine international Trade Winds events, the U.S. Commercial Service team has facilitated more than $240 million in export sales for U.S. companies.
Your company should join Trade Winds - Southeast Europe to take advantage of projected regional economic growth and to gain a strategic foothold to launch a larger European export strategy.
The region features strategic ports and bustling overland trade routes to established markets, and these individual markets are all heavily investing in infrastructure growth and market development. 
or call Dorette Coetsee at the U.S. Commercial Service in Columbia, SC, at 803-255-2623.


New resource expands online personal protective equipment support for occupational 
health and safety managers

Department of Defense emergency responders should benefit from streamlined access to protective apparel, thanks to a Strategic Distribution Agreement between Kappler and ADS. 

A recent report, based on a survey of 1,500 buyers of industrial products, found 75 
percent of buyers surveyed had shopped at an e-marketplace, up from just 20 percent 
in 2013. Eighty-one percent of respondents had purchased direct from a manufacturer, 
up from 64 percent in 2015.

In 2014, NIOSH engineer Christopher Pan  told the Michigan Building and Construction 
Trades Council about a review of construction hard hats NIOSH was initiating. "I know 
that this is a complex issue, and that many parties are trying to come up with improved 
protective headgear, but it is apparent that it is now time to put advances in engineering 
science, medical science, material science and personal protective equipment design into practice," Pan said. 

The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) reminds workers and industry of the 
need to protect employees from respirable hazards.


ISEA Government Relations:  Short Report, July 2017
Political Leadership at OSHA
Loren Sweatt , who is currently a staff member on the House Committee on Education 
and the Workforce, has been rumored to be the next Deputy Assistant Secretary for OSHA.  
This position does not need Senate confirmation.  This means she would be leading OSHA 
until the Administration nominates and the Senate confirms someone as Assistant Secretary 
of Labor for OSHA.
OSHA and NIOSH Funding
The House Appropriations Committee has approved the following OSHA and NIOSH 
funding amounts:
NIOSH:            $325 M - This is welcome news, since the Administration requested only 
$200 M for NIOSH.  This amount is a $10 M cut for NIOSH. The amount includes $20 M 
for the NIOSH National Personal  Protective Technologies Lab, which is what the Lab 
received last year.
OSHA:             $531 M - This is about $21 M less than last year.  This amount also 
includes a $13 M decrease in Federal enforcement and a $1.3 M increase in compliance 
assistance programs. There is also an increase for OSHA's health and safety statistics 
OSHA Rules and Regulations Calendar
The Administration's Semi-Annual Regulatory Agenda was published on July 20.  
Here are updates about the regulatory projects moving at OSHA:
Standards Improvement Process-IV
Final Rule, September, 2017 - This effort could include language in the construction PPE regulations that PPE fit the wearer.   In addition, this rule would reference the 2009 Edition, 
and Revision 1 dated May 2012 and Revision 2 dated May 2012 of the Manual for Uniform 
Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  These updated versions of the MUTCD calls for 
ANSI/ISEA 107 compliance high visibility safety apparel to be worn by workers on all roads, including local  streets, bicycle paths and private roads used by the public.
Communication Tower Safety
Complete the Small Business Review, by August, 2017 - This rule would set safety 
standards for those working on communication towers and for  tower owners, and 
the r ange of employer/contractors who build and service the towers,  and the 
communication devices on the towers.

Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

OSHA published a proposed rule to delay implementation of the "Improve Tracking of 
Workplace Injuries and Illnesses."  The new start date is December 1, 2017.
In addition, OSHA funded new software to administer this rule, which would electronically 
collect injury and illness data from employers for public posting.
However, business groups sued OSHA for 'overreach' in Oklahoma federal court, and 
OSHA now intends to issue a separate proposal in the fall,  to "reconsider, revise, or remove the 
provisions of the final rule."


Prevention of noise exposure and the use of personal protective equipment are vital to 
protecting workers from this workplace hazard, particularly in Europe, where noise is 
considered a Category III risk.

New, Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

New technologies are positioned to become potential market leaders in the increasingly sophisticated world of textiles.


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