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Wednesday,  June 28th at 11 am - 12 pm EST

California's Proposition 65 can cost you thousands if you are not familiar with it, or how to navigate the compliance channels.

Presenter: Lynn L. Bergeson, managing partner of Bergeson & Campbell, PC, and noted chemicals policy expert, will conduct an exclusive webinar for ISEA members about this California law. 

The webinar presentation will include a background, upcoming changes to the law, compliance considerations, and a Q&A session.  Ms. Bergeson will answer questions manufacturers need to know;
  • Are you aware of the changes to Cal Prop 65's labeling requirements that will begin in August?
  • Has Cal Prop 65 driven your national marketing decisions?
  • Are you aware that all "awards" are publicly searchable?
  • Do you know which chemicals were recently added?
  • Do your raw material suppliers provide Cal Prop 65 assurances?


"Kimberly-Clark has a strong track record of transforming insights and technologies into 
innovative products and services that improve the lives of nearly a quarter of the world's population," says  Clay Mahaffey, Global R&D Director for Kimberly-Clark Professional. 

Speakman's President, Bob Knoll, said, "Remote jobsites and those without plumbed water present unique safety challenges that Speakman is in the business of solving."

"While training and worker activity are key drivers in managing  a safe work practice, 
the diligent use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is  essential."

 "It is important to balance work in hot conditions with adequate rest periods and to use 
heat-prevention strategies such as cooling vests."

A new filter developed by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency's Chemical and Biological Technologies Department is improving that layer of defense by providing a seven-fold 
increase in protection of the current carbon-based M61 filter in the M50 mask. 


The agency will use the information to design a study in which researchers will sample N95 respirators and high-protection surgical gowns from stockpiles and test the PPE against established performance standards.

OSHA conducted five inspections of the company's worksites between 2012 and 2016 
and issued five citations containing 24 items. Among the items were nine willful and six 
repeat violations, many for employees not using fall protection while doing roof work.

"Ensure workers use appropriate personal protective equipment such as protective clothing, gloves, goggles and face shields to prevent paint coatings from coming into contact with a worker's face, eyes, head, hands, feet and other exposed skin."


Tinnitus protection headset from  Sound Bounce, a smart acoustic material for use in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries. 

OSH India is the country's definitive annual exhibition for the safety industry that attracts 
over 160 brands worldwide and facilitates ways to incorporate best practices at the 
workplace, especially to promote health and safety within it.  


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