March 16, 2016

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The latest addition to Avon Protection's argus thermal imaging range, the Mi-TIC S, has 
passed all the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements and is now 
certified compliant to the latest edition of NFPA 1801.
"Some jobsites are just inherently dirty, so hi-vis and other gear has to be tough enough
 to withstand grit and grime," said Megan Tansom, senior product specialist, Ergodyne. 
"That's why our new black fronts and bottoms are designed to appear cleaner and 
last longer while still keeping workers visible, safe, and compliant."
Latchways says it is responsible for innovative fall protection systems at many iconic 
buildings across the world including New York's Grand Central Station, the new Doha
airport in Qatar and the Olympic Stadium in London.
Make sure the fit is right and stuff doesn't get in the way.
Honeywell has named Sean O'Brien as global vice president and general manager 
of global retail at Honeywell, where he will be responsible for developing and executing
strategic growth plans for The Original Muck Boot Company, XTRATUF Boots, 
Oliver Work Boots, and Honeywell Safety Products.

Airgas, Inc. has announced that it has partnered with the International Safety Equipment
Association (ISEA) to support 80 associates in the completion of Qualified Safety Sales
Professional (QSSP) certification.

Motion Industries, Genuine's industrial distribution company, acquired Epperson 
and Company and Missouri Power Transmission.

New Trends in Industrial Protective Clothing Market with Extensive Analysis by 2019 (Report available for purchase) report
The chemical industry has been growing at healthy growth rates and hazardous 
environment in these industries has emphasized the need for personal protective
equipment (PPE) such as protective clothing. 
Industry leader EB brands to debut SKECHERS work safety lines in fall 2016.

The company faces $198,550 in penalties for the alleged violations.
A specific recommendation Mr. Van Houten made - adopted by NACOSH - was the
addition of language in the worker participation section of the guidelines to involve 
workers in all aspects of the program by wearing all required personal protective 
equipment and fully participating in all monitoring and medical surveillance associated 
with health hazards.
Most small builders do not have the staff or resources to dedicate one employee to
developing and implementing a safety program along the lines of OSHA's guidelines 
so, as written, they are "not useful to this key segment of the construction industry," 
the Washington-based National Association of Home Builders said in its public comments
on Feb. 22.
Best safety practices are needed to protect workers, who climb communication towers
to perform construction and maintenance activities and face harm in several ways, 
including from falls, hazards associated with structural collapses, improper rigging and
hoisting practices, and "struck-by" incidents.
Although respirators are widely used in a broad range of work settings, it can be a 
challenge to find local suppliers with a variety of NIOSH-approved brands and models
to compare hands-on when you're looking to purchase the right respirator.
Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common work-related conditions. 
Many workplaces comply with requirements and do recommended interventions to
prevent work-related hearing loss. 

Excess workplace noise causes 40 percent of the hearing problems reported in 
China, according to the country's Occupational Safety and Health Association.
Merit's were achieved by 241 organizations including, Eversheds LLP, Scott Safety 
and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Services.  Passes were achieved by 165 organizations.
Hayley Rail believe that where safety is concerned, everyone should have the correct
fitting PPE to ensure the right level of protection, as well as ensuring comfort, quality
and wearability.  
The proposed effort must focus on optimizing reactivity and permeation resistance 
of chemical warfare agents with thermal burden and moisture vapor transport.

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