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A new year brings with it new opportunities, new challenges, new technology and new trends. These EHS leaders share their thoughts on what lies ahead. 

"Its back-of-hand and contact heat protection, along with superior abrasion resistance make 
it a rugged choice for heavy construction or any other demanding job where this level of 
protection and durability is a non-negotiable," said Aaron Skemp, product specialist, 

Using claim data from San Antonio-area businesses, Texas Mutual found the most claims 
were reported in the services (48 percent), retail (16 percent), and construction industries 
(16 percent).

New members Jack Poole of Poole Fire Protection Inc. and Rodger Reiswig of Johnson 
Controls are serving three-year terms effective Jan. 1, 2018.

There are many questions to answer when thinking of adopting the new standard

Experts from ConstructConnect, a leading provider of construction information in North 
America, predict wristbands and wearables embedded into apparel and personal protective equipment such as gloves, boots, hardhats and safety vests could prevent thousands of 
injuries and illnesses suffered on construction sites each year.


The CDC recommends all dental health care professionals wear personal protective 
equipment (PPE), to prevent exposure to hazardous materials and infectious agents. 
These include gloves, eyewear, and masks or respirators. Certified respirators are fitted to 
the face and designed to filter out potentially hazardous particles in the air.

Employees at a Pennsylvania carpentry framing company performed their work without  fall 
or  head protection, according to  OSHA, which has cited Strong Construction, Inc. for two 
willful and five serious safety and health violations. The Bensalem company, which 
specializes in commercial and industrial  construction, faces $213,318 in fines.

The Agency issued  citations for failing to provide adequate personal protective equipment, 
and not recording injuries in the  OSHA 300 log.

Ohio's workers compensation agency is increasing its financial effort to help protect 
firefighters from carcinogens they face on the job.


It's no surprise that in the area of health and safety, there are always new developments 
affecting the rules and regulations governing those working in the sector. The article lists 
nine of the most pressing current developments.

Fortress Distribution will be officially launching three products at The Health & Safety Event: Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear, BodyPartner posture alignment clothing and ColdRush 
personal cooling products.

Exposure Based Safety reduces risks in the workplace through new science and technology.


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