May 18, 2016

No worker intends to get hurt. No employer intends to allow an employee to be hurt 
or suffer an illness because of something that happens at work. So why do workers 
get injured, get sick from their jobs, or, sadly, lose their lives on the job?

Leading safety equipment manufacturers have joined together to standardize the solutions available to protect workers from objects falling from heights. These objects include hand 
tools, instrumentation, small parts, structural components, and other items that have to be transferred and used at heights.

 3M Announces Channel Distribution of StrongArm ErgoSkeleton Devicesmmm

3M Personal Safety Division announces that StrongArm® Technologies ErgoSkeleton™ 
personal performance equipment will now be available for purchase through 3M's 
distribution channels within the United States.

Single-Use Moulded Masks Provide Enhanced Fit, Comfort and Protection
(Honeywell Industrial Safety) honeywell

Honeywell has launched a new range of single-use, moulded masks featuring a PU 
foam seal that has been designed to improve safety, performance and comfort. 

Bradley Corporation conducts its "Healthy Hand-Washing Survey" for 2016.

Premier Safety & Service, Inc., Acquires Shannon Safety Products PPE Division of Shannon Optical Co., Inc.premier

"The purchase of Shannon Safety Products makes us a go-to provider of PPE 
products and services to an ever-wider range of customers and markets throughout the 
United States as well as Canada." said Keith Varadi, president and CEO of Premier Safety & Service, Inc.

In a simpler time, buying respiratory protection for your department meant finding 
the best price for SCBA units that would provide breathable air for firefighters when 
exposed to the smoke and fire gases of ordinary (Class A) combustibles.

Successful construction projects require a significant amount of teamwork, both 
with the actual work as well as with safety matters. OSHA violations, unsafe conditions, 
injuries  or death can cause lengthy delays, resulting in lost profits, fines and litigation. 

A Washington carpenter learned in an instant just how important it is to always 
use the right fall protection on the job. He's alive because it.

Businesses pay a hefty $170 billion bill per year dealing with workplace injuries
and illnesses, according to the  Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Roughly 3 million workers a year in the U.S. private sector are injured, and the rate 
of injuries and illnesses remains highest among small and mid-sized companies.

A hospital ought to be the last place to get a life-threatening infection, but it happens. 
A new study helps explain why.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration 
issued a final rule to modernize injury data collection to better inform workers, 
employers, the public and OSHA about workplace hazards.

Recently released federal regulations will require recycling businesses and others
in high-hazard industries to keep a detailed log of workplace-related injuries.

"If employers start getting pressure to reduce those numbers because they're 
shamed into trying to make themselves look good ... they're going to manipulate the 
numbers or they're going to manipulate the system."

Late last year, the United States Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs published its fall agenda for rule changes or additions for federal agencies in 2016; 31 of those rules relate 
directly to the regulations enforced by (OSHA.

Georgia State to Lead Training for Protecting Healthcare Providers from Ebola, 
Other Viral Threats georgia

Georgia State University will train some of the nation's leading infectious disease 
control researchers on healthcare-associated prevention strategies against Ebola 
and other threats.

Auto workers at Fuyao Glass filed a complaint with the federal government Monday 
calling for a "wall-to-wall" investigation into a wide range of dangerous conditions 
found throughout the plant, including fire hazards, electrocution risks, and laceration 
i njuries, among other hazards.

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 and  ANSI/ASSE Z117.1, Safety Requirements for 
Confined Spaces  aims to help employers address confined space hazards, with 
Z117.1 providing the most comprehensive guidance.

Design Reality worked with global giant Scott Safety to design the thermal imaging mask for firefighters.

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