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  • 3M Inspires the Youth Through Interactive Experiences at Worldskills Abu Dhabi

Ansell introduces six new gloves offering the ultimate hand protection at A+A in Düsseldorf, 
from 17th until 20th October 2017. The new safety solutions provide resistance and durability,
while guaranteeing tactility and the highest level of protection, and can be used across a 
broad range of industries such as Automotive, Chemical, Life Sciences and Manufacturing.  

Embedded RFID tags, combined with Honeywell Safety Suite software, track glove usage 
and safety compliance, automates data gathering and reporting, helps manage inventory 
and enhances worker safety.

New, state of the art respirator technology provides smart connectivity and user 
A+A 2017: The Future of Personal Protective Equipment (3M Personal Safety, 
Honeywell Safety)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is getting a lot more personal if this sampling of some 
of the thousands of products on view in Dusseldorf at A+A - the Trade Fair for Safety, 
Security and Health at Work and the 35th International Congress for Occupational Health 
and Occupational Medicine, managed by Messe Dusseldorf GmbH are any indication.

The webinar will discuss the core changes in the NFPA 70E 2018 standard and practical implementation of the changes. Special attention will be paid to the furthering of the 
philosophy of risk assessment and some lessons companies are learning to maintain the compliance with the standard and best practices.

Proper fit, training and evaluations are key to protecting employees from exposure to 
respirable hazards when using disposable dust masks/respirators. Rick Winship, QSSP, 
has worked as a safety product specialist for Motion Industries.

Eye protection for the patient is just as critical as for the provider. Regardless of the practice setting, all clinicians must make patient safety a priority.

OSHA said in a release the agency inspected the company's facility as a part of a regional program to limit falls in construction. OSHA said compliance safety and health officers found workers were wearing fall protection harnesses, but were not tied off to prevent a fall.

NIOSH researchers have identified 61 robot-related workplace deaths between 1992 and 
2015. "We suspect fatalities will increase over time because of the growing number of 
industrial robots being used by companies in the U.S., and from the introduction of 
collaborative and co-existing robots, powered exoskeletons, and autonomous vehicles 
into the work environment," said Dawn Castillo, MPH, director of NIOSH's Division of 
Safety Research and the center's program manager.


Robert Nichols, Managing Director at 3M said, "We partnered with WorldSkills Competition 
to bring awareness and understanding of what the 3M brand can bring - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety training fosters a safety culture, as well as improvements in 
safety standards around the world. We look forward to welcoming everyone to experience 
science applied to life at our stand."


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