Incidence of work-related injuries in general have shown declining trends in recent years. Incidents that produce more serious or fatal injuries have not.  This presentation will explore those trends and their impact using the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index.
The presenters will introduce a unique approach for assessing & reducing risk for serious injury/fatalities and, through Q & A discussion with attendees, examine the unique role of protective equipment in mitigating high severity risk scenarios.  Learn more about the presenters and register for the Fall Meeting.


Trends in Women's PPE (3M Safety, ArcWear, ERB Safety, Ergodyne, Gateway Safety
Honeywell Industrial Safety, MCR Safety, National Safety Apparel, Protective Industrial
Products, Radians) 

Using the Right Stuff Linemen are Better Off Choosing Latest and Safest (3M Fall Protection)

Leading makers of fall protection and safety equipment have developed new tools to 
push the limits of traditional equipment, like body belts, while offering more comfort and functionality than ever.

One of the growing trends in PPE has been the migration from general purpose and 
commodity gloves (such as standard leather gloves) to cut-resistant gloves. 

WernerCo announces the release of an expanded portfolio of Self Retracting 
Lifelines (SRLs), including the compact retractable Bantam6. 

Kimberly-Clark Professional, in collaboration with The Association for the Healthcare 
Environment (AHE), has named the recipient of the 2016 Heart of Healthcare Award.

"Ahead of appearance and comfort should always be effectiveness," said Andy Olson, 
product director at Ergodyne. "Something that looks good or is comfortable or both but 
doesn't effectively protect a worker is both useless and dangerous.

The right equipment should include protective eyewear, ear plugs or masks, depending 
on the project.

NIOSH says that 85 decibels is the recommended maximum exposure limit. 
Communication Disorders (NIDOCD), is 125 decibels. At 85 decibels, hearing 
damage begins to occur.

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High tech helmet manufacturer Gentex Corporation is targeting a 40% sales increase 
for its UK operations thanks to Sharing in Growth (SiG), a government-backed 
competitiveness improvement program.


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