Autumn 2017
We are excited to share our activities this quarterautumn-foliage-road.jpg 
in our Autumn 2017 edition of the Intervenor Services Human Resource Strategy's newsletter!
The Steering Committee is working on the remaining portions of the strategy to ensure that all components of the initiative are completed. They are also overseeing the important next steps required to ensure the sustainability of the strategy beyond March 31, 2018.
The countdown begins!

The sub-committee focused their efforts onanalytics_computer.jpg finalizing the Coaching Resources for Managers and Supervisors document. This resource will be a great reference and is intended to be used throughout the sector for training any new intervenors entering the sector. It will additionally serve as a guide to ensure standardized practices are in place for coaching.
Best Practices in Human Resources Sub-Committee
This summer, the group worked on finalizing their standardized job postings as part of their Best Practices in Human Resources Toolkit. The document was designed to incorporate industry wide human resources programs and tools that support growth, high performance, and professionalism of the sector. It takes research on common human resources challenges experienced across the sector and combines it with best business_concepts.jpgpractices developed to offset those challenges.
These postings will be an important tool for the sector to use as they work to attract more intervenors to the profession, using common language and expectations for the role of intervenor.
Since May 2016, 301 people have gone through the Introduction to Behavioural Competencies and Coaching for Behavioural Competencies (Managers/Supervisors). Once the final Best Practices in Human Resources Toolkit is complete, agencies will have the resources available to create a positive transition to implementation of the competencies. This is just the start of standardizing intervenor services in the sector.   There will be resources that intervenors, supervisors/managers and HR professionals can access that will help increase skillsets and levels of professionalism.  
The final toolkit will be wrapped up by March 31, 2018.
man_pressing_download.jpgAfter working hard to gather input and review best practices across the sector, the group are currently finalizing their technical competencies toolkit.
This document will support and tie in with the Behavioural Competencies Guide and Best Practices in Human Resources Toolkit for intervenor services.
 Marketing and Communications
After beginning their work on the recruitment videos earlier this year, the Marketing and Communications Sub-Committee finished filming their Recruitment Videos.
fighter_planes.jpg The videos are currently undergoing a final review and will be used across the sector as a tool to build awareness about the profession and to attract the best talent for future and incoming intervenors.
These videos will be launched by the end of March 2018.
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"Intervenors are lovin'it"
Throughout the month of July, we asked our social media "friends" and followers for feedback on what they love about their profession. We were thrilled to receive great feedback from intervenors across the sector, captured through the following themes:
The bond that intervenors share with the individuals they serve is one of the most valued aspects of the profession. Many expressed the deep connection and trust they share.
  • Intervenors have a rewarding profession. Some of the most rewarding parts of the job include seeing the individuals they support grow and become more independent and confident in their environments are some of the most rewarding parts of the job.
  • The profession creates a reciprocal relationship that involves learning on both ends. Intervenors shared that they learn how to do things differently from the individuals they support and that they enjoy working in an environment where they are always learning on the job.
  • Intervenors confirmed that what they love most about their profession is how much variety they get in their day to day work, out in the community or participating in a variety of activities.

  • To encourage engagement, participants who shared their feedback on how they viewed the profession were entered into a contest with a chance to win a $50.00 Ultimate Dining Card.


    The contest provided a platform for intervenors to participate throughout the month of July, with the contest winner announced through Facebook live, hosted by ISHRS summer student, Stefan Schulde on July 28th. Congratulations to Rujuta Craig! 

    A special thank you to CNIB for donating the gift card!
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