ISIMM Newsletter | April 20, 2017
Developing novel technological solutions by providing a
world-class infrastructure for advancing sensors and imagers
Through BRIDG, ISIMM partners at NeoCity will experience unparalleled economies of scale with priority access to state-of-the-art capital, such as advanced manufacturing tools and materials; visionary management infrastructure; best-in-class technical, scientific and intellectual property support; and inspiring collaborative relationships to accelerate the research, development and commercialization of the next age of smart sensors and imagers. ISIMM/BRIDG bridges the gap between ideas and commercialization.
Value of ISIMM Partnerships
The Institute for Sensor and Imager Materials and Manufacturing (ISIMM) accelerates the time to innovation by bringing together all aspects of the sensor and imager R&D ecosystem (industry, government, academia, materials and tools) in a collaborative environment. ISIMM’s access to BRIDG’s modern, modular manufacturing fabrication and laboratory facility allows for a wide variety of toolsets and supports various material types in a high-mix/low-volume environment.  This framework allows collaborative R&D programs to advance key areas: design tools, modeling and simulation; fabrication processes; packaging optimization methods to improve sensor functionality and performance; new automated testing tools; reliable modeling and testing. This game-changing technology strategy shortens sensor and imager development time and commercialization cycle by solving common technological challenges that often slow down the cycle when entities must work alone.  BRIDG has established relationships with world class providers, many of which support the goals of ISIMM members. Newly established relationships with Quora Technology, SUSS MicroTec, and PANalytical add value to ISIMM members as they influence this next-generation transformation.  

Quora Technology
One of our newest ISIMM partners, Quora Technology, from Silicon Valley, California, exemplifies that strategy. This partnership will enable high volume manufacturing of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based sensors, Radio Frequency (RF) and power devices. GaN is a relatively new technology in semiconductors and has become the technology of choice for high-RF, power-hungry applications like those required to transmit signals over long distances or at high-end power levels (such as radar, base transceiver stations (BTS), satellite communications, electronic warfare (EW), and others). GaN transistors have only one-tenth the resistance of such silicon-based transistors. This allows for much higher energy-efficiency, and orders-of-magnitude faster switching frequency. Power-electronics systems with these components can be made much smaller with greater capabilities at lower fabrication and energy costs. BRIDG/ISIMM will use Quora Technology’s 8 inch GaN/Si templates to fabricate high performance packaged devices.

Quora will assist other ISIMM members by opening access to a huge set of new markets based on the advantages of leveraging their GaN platform, background IP, and support, which through development will be available to ISIMM members who may need that increment of capability to enter or extend market penetration with medical, manufacturing, automotive, homeland security and environmental applications.

SUSS MicroTec
SUSS MicroTec is partnering with BRIDG/ISIMM to support the 2.5D / 3-D integration program, including establishing a customer demonstration facility at the BRIDG fabrication facility. After an extensive equipment evaluation and analysis, SUSS MicroTec, with offices world-wide, provides one of the most flexible and state-of-the-art 2.5D / 3-D integration toolsets for US-based manufacturing development of future devices and systems. SUSS works with BRIDG/ISIMM to develop next-generation technologies to support system integration for IR, LIDAR and THz imaging applications. The technologies developed will focus on enabling high-density integration of optics and electronics to support future US-based manufacturing lines to lead the “More than Moore” technology race.
SUSS will be providing support to a program backed by Harris Corporation, the University of Central Florida, Argonne National Laboratory, DoD/DoE Manufacturing Institutes, and other ISIMM partners. This program focuses on developing a roadmap for 3D circuits that can interconnect one million signals. This leads to advanced miniaturization abilities that will enable smaller, lighter electronic systems with higher bandwidth and higher signal resolution.  This promises to revolutionize today’s imager applications into the next generation of dynamic imagers.

BRIDG/ISIMM collaborated with Massachusetts-based PANalytical to provide solutions for highly reliable and robust chemical and structural analyses of a wide variety of electronic and opto-electronic materials used for manufacturing sensors, detectors, power, and radio frequency (RF) devices. The combination of PANalytical’s software and instrumentation, based on X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray scattering (XRS), X-ray Reflectance (XRR) and X-ray topography (XRT), provides important feedback on structure, defects and interface integrity on small, highly sensitive devices. Performance is directly influenced by the structural quality of materials used and PANalytical’s instrument at BRIDG/ISIMM is a significant and important analytical tool for metrology and quality control, providing important value for ISIMM partners. 
NeoCity Ribbon Cutting
Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center
On April 13, 2017, Osceola County, the University of Central Florida (UCF), the Florida High Tech Corridor Council and leadership from across the region celebrated the official opening of the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center, unveiled as the Center of Neovation.  Many local officials, including Dr. John Hitt, President of UCF, spoke at the ribbon cutting to a standing-room-only crowd, including attendees from across the nation. Many thanks to the visionaries, including J. Charles Gray and Harvey Massey (Founder and CEO of Massey Services, an ISIMM partner) who had the ambition and drive to transform the future of Osceola County, the Central Florida region, and the State of Florida.
NeoCity - Smart City
As Osceola County transforms pastureland into a massive high-tech interconnected ecosystem, NeoCity’s role as a Smart City is unique. Not only will technology be used to enhance livability, workability, and sustainability, but emerging and innovative technologies for collecting, communicating, and analyzing data will also be created there. The most advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing research facility in the western hemisphere, the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (FAMRC) is the catalyst for NeoCity’s growth and development.

NeoCity is anchored by FAMRC, which was unveiled April 13 as the Center for Neovation.  Managed by BRIDG, the center specializes in cutting-edge development of advanced medical, industrial, agricultural, and military sensors and imagers and their application as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Institute for Sensor and Imager Materials and Manufacturing (ISIMM) – a consortium of academia, industry and government partners currently competing for a federal funding award sponsored by BRIDG – is headquartered there, and ISIMM members are eligible for a free land grant from Osceola County (FL) to locate at NeoCity, as well.
As a new place, NeoCity offers the opportunity to incorporate smart technology and devices into the fabric of the built environment. For example, smart traffic sensors will be embedded in roadways to report on road conditions and congestion. Smart GPS gear will be located on buses and streetcars, allowing users to pinpoint their exact location. Visitors and residents, through their mobile devices with sensors, provide information on where they cluster during the day or their route to work and mode of transportation. “With advances in technology occurring over the next few years, thousands of more applications for smart sensors that improve sustainability will evolve. From assisting in the conservation of water through real-time feedback and control of irrigation; to conserving energy with smart control of lighting, heating, and air conditioning; to providing early means to detect energy leaks in our homes or offices; to advanced detection of pollutants that might otherwise contaminate our air…smart sensors will be an enabler for virtually every aspect of our more sustainable Green Economy,” said Chester Kennedy, CEO of BRIDG. ( These innovations will be developed and implemented at NeoCity, where collaboration and an agile infrastructure will deliver dynamic transformational results. 
BRIDG Opportunities for Students (BOS) Initiates Pilot Program
BRIDG recently initiated a pilot program offering career exploration opportunities to undergraduate and graduate level university/college students. ISIMM partners will also have access to students participating in the BOS program. Selected students will gain valuable hands-on experiences working with BRIDG and ISIMM senior staff, scientists, engineers and technicians on cutting-edge research and development of smart sensors, optics, photonics and other advanced devices at the most advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing research facility in the western hemisphere. They also learn about transforming manufacturing capabilities for transitioning technology into industrial sectors. Through these career opportunities, students leverage BRIDG and ISIMM’s unique activities and mentorship to enhance and increase their professional capabilities and help clarify their long-term career goals. 

There was an overwhelming response to the pilot program, and five students were selected. After approximately 15 weeks in the program, these students will have the opportunity to submit a detailed report on their project’s activities and outcomes, what they learned and how their education and preparation for the job market has been impacted.  This includes presenting at an ‘invitation only’ symposium attended by BRIDG leadership, mentors and ISIMM partners.

Based on the results of this pilot, BRIDG and ISIMM hope to increase the number of students that will be offered opportunity positions in subsequent semesters.
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