ISIMM Newsletter | March 14, 2017
Developing novel technological solutions by providing a
world-class infrastructure for advancing sensors and imagers
ISIMM Improves Competitive Advantage
BRIDG, Bridging the Development Innovation Gap (formerly known as ICAMR), a 501.c6 research consortium, has established a unique partnership with members from academia, industry, and government to create the Institute for Sensor and Imager Materials and Manufacturing (ISIMM). ISIMM was formed to compete for federal funding through the Department of Commerce under the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation program, known as Manufacturing USA ( This important program aims to increase U.S. competitiveness, facilitate technology transition, and train the manufacturing workforce. BRIDG, with its industry, academic, and government partners, is working to make ISIMM the 15th Manufacturing Innovation Institute under Manufacturing USA.

From aerospace to agriculture, and from healthcare to defense, every future market segment will depend on sensors and imagers. ISIMM and its members and industry partners will push the leading edge of transformational microelectronic imagers and sensors by accelerating design, manufacture, testing, assembly, and packaging of novel materials to deliver powerful new capabilities and advance U.S. global market leadership. While under consideration for the Department of Commerce grant, ISIMM continues to grow and strengthen partnerships and initiatives. You are invited to explore our progress and accomplishments as the ISIMM team works to secure our amazing and bright future.

 From Farm to High-Tech Fabrication Center
Osceola Tech Farm Rebrands to NeoCity
There’s a quiet transformation underway as Osceola County creates a massive high-tech industrial complex from former farmland. That transformation will produce a diverse yield of collaborative technology-related businesses and jobs. A coalition of visionaries from Central Florida’s technology, education, and economic development enterprises partnered with Osceola County to bring this exciting new economy based on sensors, imagers, and next-generation devices to the area.

With support from the University of Central Florida, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, and other economic and technology leaders, Osceola County is nearing completion on the first phase of its massive new state-of-the-art technological park that rivals anything in the world today, the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (FAMRC). The newest and most advanced sensor design, fabrication, and production complex, operated by BRIDG, will open for business later this month.

This is where ISIMM at BRIDG comes to life.
Welcome to NeoCity. Formerly called the Osceola Tech Farm, this 500-acre, master-planned development is the headquarters for ISIMM at BRIDG.

Less than 15 miles from one of the busiest international airports in the world; close to the world-class cultural, lifestyle and entertainment destinations; and adjacent to cutting-edge technology firms already in Central Florida, NeoCity is drawing support and commitments from industries around the nation as they see the incredible potential.

The name is a clear signal that this is a new horizon for the region’s high-tech economy. NeoCity is more than a traditional research park. This will be the nascent mecca where fresh ideas and astonishing innovations will become reality. It will have strong community connections and will coexist with the surrounding natural landscape. NeoCity will encourage collaboration among industry, academia, and government as the focal point for ISIMM partners in research, design, supply chain, and manufacturing. Amazing things are to come!

BRIDG is located off US-192 inside NeoCity, a 500-acre technology district inspired by an ethos of collaboration and designed to transform the way we ideate, create, and innovate.
BRIDG Tool Purchases Enable Early Capabilities
As the 109,000 square foot BRIDG facility is nearing completion, more than 40 state-of-the-art core process tools are on their way to support advanced smart sensors and imagers and integrated device manufacturing development programs. This includes over 30 semiconductor manufacturing equipment and associated hardware (including wafer furnaces, wet processing hoods, etch tools, implant equipment, an entire chemical mechanical planarization cell, and a lithography cell), ensuring lithography and ion implantation capabilities. With the help of our ISIMM supply chain partners, additional acquisitions enabling early capabilities will include metal evaporation, deep silicon etching, and metrology.
Great strides have been made in equipment capabilities and there is still much more to do.  Once open, the facility will include class 1,000 (operating at nearly class 100 with open ballroom and subfab) and class 10,000 clean rooms. Initial tools purchased will fill less than 15,000 square feet of the clean room floor, leaving ample space for future equipment acquisitions and technology programs. To date, purchased equipment value exceeds $30 million and several hundred million dollars in additional equipment purchases will be made for the facility to reach its full potential. 

Thanks to ISIMM partners, millions of dollars in equipment discounts have brought substantial value in ensuring early capabilities, enabling new product innovations, bringing unrivaled economies of scale for the next generation of products, and enhancing our ability to accelerate advanced manufacturing.
SEMI High Tech University Partners with BRIDG and ISIMM for High School Workforce Development Program
ISIMM and BRIDG are proud to announce that they will be a host and sponsor of SEMI High Tech University (SEMI HTU), an internationally acclaimed High-Tech Career Exploration Program from the SEMI Foundation. Geared toward high school students, SEMI HTU aims to foster interest in advanced technology jobs and connect the classroom to careers. Participating students and teachers will investigate how high-tech Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) solutions are used to solve real-world problems, enhance student’s perceptions about STEM, and generate excitement for world-class, high-tech jobs in the local area.

In February 2017, the Osceola County School Board unanimously approved both the teacher and the student programs to begin June 2017. The student program will include a site visit to BRIDG, which will be facilitated by BRIDG technology staff and ISIMM industry partners. Students will participate in hands-on workshops and learn about various pathways from school to career. The teacher program focuses on connecting the classroom experience to careers in technology.

The Osceola County SEMI HTU High-Tech Career Exploration Program is funded by the Florida High Tech Corridor Council and the Osceola School Foundation and will be available to qualified students and teachers at no cost to them. It will serve as the pilot program for the region. Plans are being made to offer SEMI HTU to other school districts throughout Central Florida in the near future. 

The mission of the SEMI Foundation is to support education and career awareness in the field of high technology. Visit for more information.
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