ISIMM Newsletter | March 30, 2017
Developing novel technological solutions by providing a
world-class infrastructure for advancing sensors and imagers
Dan Holladay Leads ISIMM as Executive Director
We are excited to announce that Dan Holladay has recently transitioned into the role of Executive Director of the Institute for Sensor and Imager Materials and Manufacturing. ISIMM is a partnership with members from academia, industry, and government who have joined forces to compete for the Department of Commerce (DOC) federal funding opportunity through the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation program. ISIMM is awaiting the announcement of the 15th Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII); if awarded, ISIMM will be the first MII in Florida.

As the Executive Director of Operations and Technology Programs at BRIDG, Dan has been responsible for the development of new programs in advanced materials and emerging technology fields with an initial focus on advanced universal smart sensors and photonics devices in this “industry-directed” center. He has initiated BRIDG’s partnership with The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Argonne and Sandia National Labs and is currently developing critical programs with the Department of Defense.

Dan is a true visionary with over 20 years at SEMATECH in management and director positions for the international consortium’s industry-led technology development programs and has more than 35 years of experience in the semiconductor world. The new transition will ensure that ISIMM leverages the lessons learned by consortiums and institutes around the world to launch a sustainable and highly effective public-private partnership based on the manufacturing development of advanced materials and high performance sensors and imagers.

On Tuesday, March 21st, Dan presented the BRIDG/ISIMM model to a team of program managers from the Defense-Wide Manufacturing Science & Technology (DMS&T) office. The technology focus areas at BRIDG and the new support infrastructure established in Osceola County, Florida, along with the ISIMM Manufacturing Innovation Institute (pending DOC grant award) will support many of the existing national institutes such as American Robotics Manufacturing, a BRIDG/ISIMM partner. BRIDG/ISIMM is creating reciprocating memberships and developing support strategies with three other MII’s.
ISIMM on the Move
It’s official! The ISIMM/BRIDG office has moved into its new site in NeoCity at 200 NeoCity Way, NeoCity, Florida. The ribbon cutting celebration is April 13th at 10:00 a.m.   

Certificate of Occupancy:
Monday, March 20, 2017

Official Move-In Day: 
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Address:
200 NeoCity Way, NeoCity, FL 34744
Harris Corporation - ISIMM’s Latest Tier 1 Prime Member
We are pleased to announce that Harris Corporation has extended its commitment with BRIDG to become a Tier 1 Prime ISIMM member. Harris, headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, is a leading technology innovator and global provider of aerospace, defense, and communication systems. As an ISIMM member, Harris will have top priority access to shared equipment and will have the opportunity to conduct research to access the next-generation advanced technology sensor and imager economy. 

Harris' interest in ISIMM is in 2.5/3D Chip Integration. The technology developed will provide higher functionality and performance in smaller sized sensors. It is critical for advanced commercial and defense systems. Harris has been working with BRIDG on this technology area since 2015 because it is applicable to advanced packaging used in sensors, imagers, and other devices.

“We are excited to have Harris Corporation join the ISIMM team,” said Dan Holladay, ISIMM’s Executive Director. “The work in ultra-high density interposers already underway with Harris Corporation and BRIDG has vast applicability in our proposed ISIMM Manufacturing Innovation Institute."

Harris will enhance the ISIMM advanced manufacturing initiatives it actuates and will collaborate with other ISIMM members to connect ideas and resources to solve industry-relevant advanced manufacturing challenges. As a Tier 1 Prime member, Harris is also eligible for a free land grant from Osceola County to locate at NeoCity. 
ISIMM Team Members Enhance Manufacturing Collaboration and Advanced Technology Research
Two new members of the ISIMM team at BRIDG are Gloria Wiens, Ph.D. and Swaminathan Rajaraman, Ph.D. Both are influential leaders who will enhance ISIMM’s core strengths while bringing competencies that will augment ISIMM’s ability to fulfill its long-term commitment to advance U.S. manufacturing.           
Gloria Wiens, Ph.D. is a University of Florida Associate Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a national expert in intelligent and autonomous robotic systems. Dr. Wiens, on leave from UF, is working with BRIDG and ISIMM on behalf of FloridaMakes, a statewide service designed to strengthen Florida’s manufacturing sector. BRIDG is a partner of FloridaMakes and Dr. Wiens’ positon as FloridaMakes Director of Advanced Manufacturing at BRIDG enhances ISIMM’s core mission to improve competitiveness and production of U.S. manufacturing and to facilitate the transition of innovative technologies into scalable, cost-effective, and high-performing manufacturing capabilities while ensuring sustainability and workforce development. 

Dr. Wiens’ role with BRIDG and ISIMM is to serve as a resource of FloridaMakes business advisors for companies requiring technology-oriented solutions, advanced technologies integration, best practices and training. In addition, she helps manufacturers benefit from the expertise and technology resources of BRIDG and ISIMM, Florida’s university and state college system, and national assets available through NIST and the Manufacturing USA network.  She is also an advocate representing the needs of small and medium sized manufacturers within BRIDG and ISIMM and will help facilitate peer exchange and best practice in finding solutions for advanced manufacturing challenges.

Dr. Wiens was featured in i4 Business magazine in March 2017. Read the article here.
Swaminathan Rajaraman, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF) with joint appointments at the NanoScience Technology Center and at BRIDG/ISIMM. Dr. Rajaraman is well published in micro/nanofabrication, biomedical engineering, and wearable micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) devices. He is a co-founder of an advanced biotechnology company, and holds 13 patents/applications. Dr. Rajaraman’s dual appointment with UCF and BRIDG/ISIMM enhances an established coordination of efforts to increase advanced manufacturing research, development, education, and workforce for sustained growth in the United States.

Dr. Rajaraman’s role with ISIMM and BRIDG includes the development of proposals related to life sciences and biologics-based sensors. He has and continues to represent BRIDG/ISIMM at MEMS and sensors events in a business technology development role. With his dual appointment with UCF, one of ISIMM’s core university partners, Dr. Rajaraman will help leverage the latest technologies, materials and tools with industry, academia, and government and looks forward to integrating education and manufacturing processes by developing a teaching lab course for the development of MEMS sensors at the newly opened state-of-the-art fabrication facility at NeoCity.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have these two strong innovative leaders as part of the ISIMM team to help secure success for U.S. advanced manufacturing.
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