ISIMM Newsletter | May 24, 2017
Developing novel technological solutions by providing a
world-class infrastructure for advancing sensors and imagers
Through BRIDG, ISIMM partners at NeoCity will experience unparalleled economies of scale with priority access to state-of-the-art capital, such as advanced manufacturing tools and materials; visionary management infrastructure; best-in-class technical, scientific and intellectual property support; and inspiring collaborative relationships to accelerate the research, development and commercialization of the next age of smart sensors and imagers. ISIMM/BRIDG bridges the gap between ideas and commercialization.
A message from Dan Holladay, Executive Director of ISIMM: 

Sustainability is Built-In

ISIMM will be a significant component of the BRIDG Public - Private manufacturing development consortium recently launched in Osceola County, Florida. BRIDG is built from a proven sustainability model (evolving over 30 years at SEMATECH) that transformed Texas and New York into high-tech leaders.  Leveraging over 35 years’ experience in the semiconductor world, most of which I spent at SEMATECH, we modeled ISIMM to build upon the lessons learned by consortiums and institutes around the world to launch a sustainable and highly effective public-private partnership based on the manufacturing development needs of advanced materials, high performance sensors and imagers, and the integration of next generation devices (e.g., aerospace, national security and defense products, robotics and autonomous systems, life sciences, advanced manufacturing lines, the Internet of Things). With ISIMM at BRIDG, this new advanced manufacturing consortium will connect the complete ecosystem to accelerate the commercialization of multiple technology verticals and make a much greater impact on industrial competitiveness and economic growth in the United States. ISIMM and BRIDG will have a uniquely flexible and advanced manufacturing development pilot-line, making it the only operation of its kind in the U.S., promoting U.S. global leadership in advanced manufacturing.  We look forward to connecting innovative ideas to commercialized opportunities in sensor and imager technology alongside our partners.
Growing ISIMM Membership
A Committed Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem
ISIMM strengthens the U.S. sensor and imager industry by identifying and providing key partners and members with a Manufacturing Institute framework that promotes collaboration and creates the shared infrastructure needed to advance technology development. Acknowledging the importance of this endeavor, ISIMM continues to add new members and secure industry commitments in anticipation of the pending award.  In the last two months, while waiting for award notification, ISIMM has added 6 new commitments from industry partners, including global leader Harris Corporation. These partnerships bring strong additional financial commitments, intellectual property, equipment, materials and technical expertise valued at $6 million.  Additionally, we are accelerating our interaction with initial Tier One members on a $50M expansion opportunity. When combined with the regional investments and commitments from Osceola County, the State of Florida, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, and other financial commitments, ISIMM is building a highly sustainable foundation that will provide national impact for decades. 

Recently opened, the 109,654-square-foot BRIDG state-of-the-art fabrication facility, which is ISIMM’s command center, adds infrastructure and serves as an anchor and catalyst for the new ecosystem. With the clean rooms near certification, interest is increasing and commitments for participation continue to strengthen. ISIMM is already stimulating growth in the regional advanced sensor manufacturing industry cluster. NeoCity, the 500-acre technical park where ISIMM will be located, offers land grants to encourage companies to work in close proximity.  BRIDG, ISIMM’s sponsor, also provides business and financial infrastructure to ISIMM, bringing existing partnerships to the membership, and staffs the Institute with experienced managers and technologists.  ISIMM and BRIDG will develop innovative manufacturing processes, materials, and equipment for advanced sensors and other future high-tech products (emitters, modulators, energy, and communication devices/systems). By using unique emerging technology capabilities, processes, and background intellectual property, ISIMM partners benefit as BRIDG develops advanced lab/fab and universal technology platforms with the economy of scale and agility needed for cost effective technology development and manufacturing.

The unique match between our industry partners’ needs and the core strengths of the academic institutions that make up our team’s capabilities further solidifies the foundation for long term collaborative projects, partnerships and workforce development.  Our amazing team includes the University of Central Florida, one of the world’s foremost institutions for research and education in optical and photonic science and engineering; Arizona State University, a leader in advancing flexible electronics and semiconductor processing, including next generation secure devices; University of Florida, a top U.S. institution in the transfer of biotechnology research to the marketplace; and the University of South Florida, recognized as a leading national research university and a leader in generating new U.S. patents, spinoff companies, and commercialization agreements (university websites, publications, and Milken Institute). As we propel innovation into the future, our academic partnerships ensure that ISIMM is positioned to drive U.S. manufacturing beyond the 21st century.  

Emerging Markets and Applications
The world stands at the brink of a paradigm shift with Smart Sensor technology at the core of a fundamental transformation affecting the way humans interact with almost everything in the next 5 to 7 years. The technology in development today is on track to be a disruptive force in virtually every industry value chain that delivers a product or service to anyone, anywhere. Specific to the ISIMM effort, development of this unprecedented range of products using sensor and imager technology will most certainly revolutionize healthcare research, diagnostics and treatment; agricultural management; environmental analysis; food safety; driving and transportation; airline, aerospace, and homeland security; and more.

Two examples of emerging applications include wearable medical devices and food storage sensors. Popular wrist fitness bands currently include sensors for movement, temperature, speed, blood pressure, etc.  Future wearable devices could do much more. “Imagine in the not so distant future, if you could go home from the hospital wearing a sensor embedded shirt that could monitor such parameters as blood oxygenation, lung and heart functions, blocked arteries and stress levels. Data could be transmitted in real-time to the doctor’s office for 24/7 monitoring, without the patient doing anything,” said Chester Kennedy, CEO of BRIDG. “Also, imagine knowing if the meat in your refrigerator was going bad without having to open the container to smell it. These things, and things we haven’t even thought of, are possible with advanced sensors technology and the Internet of Things. It’s exciting to think that soon we will be able to do so much more, better.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a need for an unprecedented range of products involving sensors. Universities and research labs are not in a natural position to expedite manufacturing, while Industry doesn’t always have the most cost-effective access to that research. BRIDG, ISIMM’s sponsor, facilitates the connection between innovation and industry, giving industry easy and cost-effective access to new technologies – thus bridging the innovation development gap that makes transformation possible.

ISIMM is currently a finalist for a grant award from the Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards (NIST), to form the 15th Manufacturing Institute, the first in the state of Florida.  “The structure of ISIMM combined with the significance of the emerging technology is a perfect match to the mission of Manufacturing USA,” Holladay said. “Only half a percent of all objects are currently connected. As that number grows, smart sensor technology will be at the heart of where the information and data gets collected, processed and actuated.”  ISIMM’s collaborative relationships and R&D agility will be a driver in innovative technology; improving sensor and imager products and/or processes and will develop the significant, untapped potential to make a significant impact to the American economy.
The First BOS Students Arrive!
BRIDG is pleased to welcome our first student arrivals to the BRIDG Opportunities for Students (BOS) Pilot Program!            
BRIDG staff members: Dr. Gloria Wiens (far left) and Keith Smelser (far right)  welcome BOS students (left to right): Yamil Ricardo Calderon, Alexander Hiebing, Riley McBride, and James Nance.

As part of a workforce development program, BRIDG recently initiated a pilot program offering career exploration opportunities to undergraduate and graduate-level university/college students. Our initial students came from Florida Polytechnic University.

Selected students gain valuable hands-on experiences working with BRIDG staff, scientists, engineers, and technicians on cutting-edge research and development of smart sensors, optics, photonics, and other advanced devices at the BRIDG facility. The students can also work with ISIMM partners. They will learn about transforming technology into industry sectors.  Through these career opportunities, students leverage BRIDG’s unique activities and mentorships to enhance and increase professional capabilities and help clarify long-term goals.  Based on the result of this pilot, BRIDG hopes to increase the number of students that will be offered opportunity positions in subsequent semesters.
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