Volume 24 | No. 2 | June 2022
President's Message
There is excitement in the air as the implementation of ISOPP's new Strategic Plan for 2022-2024 and the planning of our 2023 International Symposium takes off. It feels so good to have a road map laid out before us for the next three years and to know in just eight short months we will be able to see each other in person in Sevilla, Spain!

If you missed the Annual General Meeting, where outgoing President, Shaun O’Connor presented the updated Strategic Plan, you can listen to the recording (log in as a member). We will also be posting a one page summary and video on the website in the coming weeks to share our ambitious agenda further.

Know you are welcome to join the ranks of the volunteers, working tirelessly to achieve our mission of advancing cancer care globally, at any time. There is much work to be done and many hands make light work. Please visit the About page of the website for a list of Committees and Task Forces and see if any match your ambitions. Such a worthwhile way to make connections and take one’s practice and knowledge to new heights. In fact, we are seeking volunteers to join the ISOPP 2023 Symposium Program Task Force. Read within the newsletter to learn more.

A key strategic initiative is delivering enhanced professional development resources in oncology pharmacy. I am therefore pleased to confirm ISOPP’s Immunotherapy Toolkit of Resources is available for members complimentary in ISOPP’s Virtual Library. Thank you to the Immunotherapy Task Force for their much appreciated efforts in compiling this invaluable resource for oncology professionals.

Also, to that end, a live webinar titled ISOPP’s Standards of Practice - Revised Release Update presented by Shaun O’Connor (Past President and Standards Task Force Co-Chair) took place in May. If you missed it, you can watch it at your leisure on ISOPP’s website. Access is complimentary for members for up to 12 months.

A reminder that you also have free access to other valuable ISOPP educational opportunities, including the Oncology Pharmacotherapy and Applications of Biosimilars (OPAB) Program. The program consists of 10 online courses (total of 25 hours) and an opportunity to meet at ISOPP’s 2023 Symposium in Spain to expand the Biosimilars Expert Network. You have the option of taking an accredited or non-accredited version.

Lastly, we have a website refresh on the way! The newly re-named Engagement and Communications Committee has sourced and briefed suppliers who in turn have submitted proposals to address some outdated functionality that requires updating in order for the website to continue to function and meet ISOPP’s needs. We will keep you posted as the new website takes shape. In the meantime, you can read below to find out more.

I have briefly touched on some of ISOPP’s activities and progress. Read on to learn more about oncology pharmacy around the world and the work and achievements of our members. We have news from the UK, Vietnam, Nigeria and South Africa. Also, spread the word about the value of ISOPP and continue to encourage others to become membersIf you have not subscribed to our Facebook page to stay in touch with us, please do so.

The greater our membership, the stronger our voice!

See you on line and in Sevilla, Spain! Save the dates of March 2-5, 2023!
Evelyn Handel
ISOPP President
ISOPP Business News
Immunotherapy Toolkit of Resources
ISOPP’s Immunotherapy Toolkit of Resources is available for members complimentary in ISOPP’s Virtual Library.
The Toolkit provides references and website links to assist oncology pharmacy professionals in caring for patients receiving immunotherapy. 
Information shared focuses on the basics of Immunotherapy, the role of the oncology pharmacy practitioner, local and regional policies guiding Immunotherapy use, patient and health care professional resources, and more.
The Toolkit is divided into 7 categories: 
Log into the website and then the Toolkit to access all these resources.

ISOPP Engagement and Communications Committee
By Netty Cracknell, Chair
The newly formed Engagement and Communications Committee, which takes over the tasks of the ‘Communications Working Group’ and ‘Membership Engagement Task Force’ has been hard at work starting the re-design of a new website for ISOPP. The current website will lose its support at the end of 2022 and ISOPP are looking at website options for the future. If you are interested in being involved with the redevelopment of the new website please contact Netty via publications@isopp.org for more information.
As well as the website, the committee have started working on our actions from the ISOPP strategy. This includes a ‘Welcome to ISOPP’ initiative, improving ISOPP volunteer opportunities, a member engagement plan as well as a social media plan to name a few.
If this area interests you, please reach out to Netty, and find out how you can make a difference in global oncology. 
ISOPP Standards Task Force
By Shaun O’Connor, Chair
The Standards Task Force has successfully released the revised version of the ISOPP Standards for the Safe Handling of Cytotoxics as a JOPP online supplement. This is the culmination of hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of work by the Task Force and stands the society in good stead moving forwards.
I delivered a webinar on behalf of the co-chairs and the Task Force last month on the new Standards, which is available in the Virtual Library for members. Tasks that remain to be completed are a review of the Standards Audit Tool and a potential erratum publication if any issues are identified with the standards.
Given the completion of the Task Force's main goal, the Task Force has now been dissolved, and I wish to thank the members and those who have contributed to the standards in any way for their contribution. I have recommended that ISOPP moves to begin another review of the standards in 2 years’ time.
From Dubai to Online: Recap of an Excellence in Oncology Pharmacy Practice Conference
By Todd Knepper, Associate Member, Moffitt Cancer Center
The Excellence in Oncology Pharmacy Practice Conference featuring Masterclass lectures on “Supportive Care” from ISOPP past-president Alexandre Chan and “Genomics” from ISOPP member Todd Knepper was originally scheduled to take place over two days in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in March 2020. This ISOPP conference would bring oncology pharmacy professionals from across the Gulf region together in the UAE along with subject matter experts from North America.

Like many in-person events scheduled for 2020, the conference was postponed, and the future of the conference was in jeopardy. Rather than cancel the conference however, the two-day event was converted into a series of eight masterclass sessions conducted over Zoom. The successful completion of the conference series in June 2022 exhibited the unique benefits of ISOPP’s global community, illustrated advantages of a virtual conference format, and helped to forge new international relationships.
Oncology Pharmacotherapy and Applications of Biosimilars Program
Have you signed up for the Oncology Pharmacotherapy and Applications of Biosimilars (OPAB) Program yet? Part 1 (Modules 1 to 4) is available and Part 2 (Modules 5 to 7) and Part 3 (Modules 8 to 10) are coming soon!

The program consists of 10 online modules (25 hours) and you can choose to take the accredited program, earning you a Certificate of Completion with 25 CEUs, or the non-accredited program, receiving a Letter of Participation with no CEUs awarded.

The OPAB Program is complimentary for ISOPP members and geared towards oncology pharmacists who have practiced for at least one year in the area of oncology pharmacy. 
If you haven’t already, be sure to register to receive access to the program and begin your training! If you’re already registered, watch for notification of Part 2 coming soon!

Share the OPAB Program information with your colleagues!

You can share knowledge by promoting the OPAB Program to oncology pharmacists in your region! Download an OPAB poster for display at your institution or for emailing on to your local association’s membership. There are two formats: 8.5 x 11 for North America and A4 for the rest of the world. Download 8.5 x 11 OPAB Poster  Download A4 OPAB Poster 
If the poster size does not work for the paper size of your country, please let us know and we will send you a version with the correct dimensions. 

See other ways to promote OPAB here – from adverts to slides to marketing emails and more, including PPT slides to add in to any presentations you might be making in the near future. 

We acknowledge the Faculty members, Reviewers and Task Force members for their contributions to the OPAB Program.

  • Faculty - Joseph Bubablo, Tegan Bilse, Aygin Bayraktar, Kellie Jones Weddle, Lisa Holle, Islam Konaissi, Judith Smith, Lillian Cortez, Emma Foreman, Alex Chan, Emma Foreman
  • Reviewers - Joseph Bubablo, Bruce Burnett, Carole Chambers, Melanie Danilak, Evelyn Handel, Lisa Holle, Tom McFarlane, Maggie Patterson, Rowena Schwartz, Aygin Bayraktar, Netty Cracknell, CheaXin Lim, May Oh, Himanshu Patel, Chiajie Tan
  • Task Force - Aygin Bayraktar, Alex Chan, Netty Cracknell, Emma Foreman, CheaXin Lim, May Oh, Himanshu Patel, Chiajie Tan

The OPAB Program is supported by an educational grant from Pfizer.
Accreditation for the OPAB Program is provided by the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP). CSHP is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.
SAVE THE DATE for ISOPP's 2023 International Symposium and Masterclass in Sevilla, Spain! 
Come to Sevilla, Spain in 2023 for the XXI International Symposium on Oncology Pharmacy Practice (ISOPP 2023), March 2 - 4, and ISOPP's one day Masterclass, March 5. That is three and a half days of leading edge education to advance your oncology pharmacy knowledge. The Symposium takes place at the Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. 
Members of our local hosts, the El Grupo Español Para El Desarrollo de la Farmacia Oncológica (GEDEFO) and Sociedad Espanola de Farmacia Hospitalaria (SEFH), are ready to welcome you to Sevilla with Spain’s warm and generous hospitality. 
Call for volunteers for the Symposium Scientific Program Task Force
(ISOPP 2023)
Would you like to have input into ISOPP’s 2023 International Symposium program, taking place in Sevilla, Spain, March 2-4? As the Symposium Scientific Program Task Force Co-Chairs, we (Estela Moreno and Jennifer Jupp) would like your expertise and ideas to develop an exceptional program.
As a member of the Task Force you will help develop the program of the Symposium, including setting the theme plus identifying, selecting, and inviting speakers. The Task Force also manages the program during the Symposium by introducing speakers and moderating sessions, and evaluates it at the Symposium’s conclusion. You would be requested to attend ISOPP 2023 at your own expense.
The Task Force consists of members from the different regions and meets via Zoom on a weekly to biweekly basis starting in late July until the program is established and as needed thereafter until ISOPP 2023. We are currently looking for representation from those who do not serve on the Secretariat, and are from Australasia, North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Interested? Please reply to symposia@isopp.org by July 13, 2022Looking forward to hearing from you and building the best program yet!
Estela Moreno
Planning Task Force Chair &
Scientific Program Task Force Co-Chair
Jennifer Jupp
Scientific Program Task Force Co-Chair
Oncology Pharmacy Around the World
Feedback on upgrade oncology pharmacy training in Nigeria
By Cajetan Alumona, Chief Pharmacist, the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla Enugu Oncology Center, Nigeria
Despite a population of 206,139,590 people and 124,815 new cases of cancer diagnosed every year1, Nigeria’s healthcare system continues to face the challenges of crumbling infrastructure and shortage of cancer healthcare professionals including pharmacists.
In December 2021 over 34 oncology pharmacists (including myself) across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory attended the first ever upgrade oncology pharmacy training held in Lagos, Nigeria. These pharmacists participated in a 4-day-online pre-training in oncology pharmacy basics and skills before the face-to-face training in Lagos. The upgrade oncology pharmacy training was implemented by Project Pink Blue, an organization focused on cancer awareness, screening and advocacy for people with cancer in Nigeria and supported by the U.S Embassy’s Fulbright Specialist Program.
Advancing oncology pharmacy education in South Africa
By Razeeya Khan, Clinical Pharmacy lecturer, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
I am Razeeya Khan, a lecturer in the Clinical Pharmacy division at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. I am passionate about furthering oncology pharmacy education in South Africa, and at Wits University we have made strides to introduce oncology pharmacy into our undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum.
Training for oncology pharmacists in South Africa is usually hands on, received from peers while ”on the job.” Learning is thus a transfer of knowledge, skills and practices from the person already employed at the facility, using the standard operating procedures developed in the unit. There is no endorsed guideline for oncology pharmacy practice in the country, and the way pharmacists practice in this critical field varies from facility to facility, some using international guidelines as a source of reference.
A day in the life of a consultant haematology pharmacist
By Nick Duncan, Consultant Pharmacist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK
One of the things I love about my job is the variety it contains and the fact that I get to wear a number of different hats as part of my role. I can be a clinical pharmacist, a prescriber, a teacher, a trainer, a researcher and a manager at different times of the working week and so it is perhaps difficult to describe a “typical” day. But I will do my best……
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a large referral hospital with a very busy haematology unit serving both inpatients and outpatients from across the region. I usually arrive at the pharmacy by 0815 hours and one of my first jobs of the day is to check my list of clinic patients. I work as a prescribing pharmacist in a number of clinics each week and today it is the Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) Clinic. I have about 10 patients to see and need to make sure that the correct blood tests have been requested as it is crucial that we are regularly checking the clinical response and potential toxicities in our patients. During each patient consultation I will ask about adherence to medication, discuss toxicities and their management, explain the latest blood results and confirm future plans: many of our patients are keen to lower the dose of their CML medication to reduce the risk of side effects and we are now able to offer selected patients the option of stopping treatment altogether. So it is very important that the patient and I are working together to optimise the treatment plan….
A day in the life of a Vietnam oncology pharmacist
By Chau Dieu Thi Ngoc, Pharmacist, Hanoi Oncology Hospital, Vietnam
Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most desperate times in a patient's life, as they are dealing with physical, mental, and financial anguish all at once. In Vietnam, pharmacists are overworked since they have to fulfill multiple roles at work, and there are no standard practice guidelines in place. As a result of the country's tight national procurement regulations, the choice of prescription is frequently influenced by drug shortages. It is fair to say that every day for cancer pharmacists is difficult.
As is customary, I start my day at 8 a.m. in the office of the Pharmacy Department, where I have worked as an oncology pharmacist for the past three years. Every morning, I set aside half an hour to attend a briefing on the status of emergency patients and new admissions to the hospital. When I first turn on the computer, I swiftly enter fresh patient information into an excel file while also reviewing cases of significant patients who have had clinical pharmacological interventions as a result of prescription errors. Doctors may contact me through phone or email with information regarding drugs, treatment regimens, serious case consultations, patient allergies, or remaining medication. I also go over the medical records and medical instructions that were given out in the morning, paying special attention to the elderly, patients with liver failure, kidney failure, or severe patients.
GEDEFO holds its 7th annual meeting focusing on pharmaceutical care that considers other patient needs and multidisciplinary learning
By Inés Mendoza Acosta, Becaria Grupo GEDEFO SEFH
The Oncology Pharmacy Working Group of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy (GEDEFO-SEFH) held its 7th Annual Meeting on May 18-19 in Madrid. As every year, this meeting has focused on multidisciplinary patient care and the possibility of sharing experiences with colleagues from all over the country.
Dr. Olga Delgado, president of the SEFH, welcomed the attendees, highlighting the development of oncology pharmacy in recent years, accompanied by Dr. Estela Moreno (general coordinator of GEDEFO) and Dr. Jose Antonio Marcos (treasurer of the SEFH and member of GEDEFO).
The inaugural session "Past, present and future of Oncology Pharmacy" was given by Dr. Gerardo Cajaraville (founder of GEDEFO), emphasizing the super-specialization of oncology pharmacists and their inclusion in multidisciplinary teams, adding value to patient care. As challenges for the future, he proposed the search for efficiency, healthcare innovation and digital transformation, all of which are included in GEDEFO's strategic plan.
An important date for your diaries: The 25th British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA) Annual Symposium
Oncology and haematology are ever-changing landscapes and this year we are looking to the future. The conference will include an exciting variety of specialist panel discussions, core clinical updated and specific research-focused streams. This year we are running a tiered system with sessions for everyone; from new to oncology pharmacists to advanced practitioners, with the overall theme of genomics.

Our first in-person meeting in 3 years will be hosted at the world-renowned ACC in Liverpool, set in the heart of the city's iconic waterfront.

For more information, please visit:  https://www.bopa.org.uk/latest-symposium-2022/
Highlighted Education Resources
ISOPP offers online educational opportunities specific to the needs of oncology pharmacy practitioners, facilitated by ISOPP leaders and oncology pharmacy experts.

Log in as a member to learn from ISOPP’s previously recorded webinars. Members have complimentary access for one year from the date of the webinar:
Interested in presenting a webinar? Please contact the Education Committee Chair, Himanshu Patel, at education@isopp.org.
All sessions from ISOPP’s 2022 Virtual Symposium (#ISOPP2022VS) are available for on-demand viewing in ISOPP’s Virtual Library!

The Virtual Library serves as a hub for oncology pharmacy practitioners from around the world to access the breadth and depth of knowledge of ISOPP members and others on a 24-hour basis.  

Members and non-members have access to certain resources complimentary and others through a paid subscription.

The following will help you to explore ISOPP’s Virtual Library:

The COVID-19 Resources, Biosimilars Toolkit of Resources, Immunotherapy Toolkit, recordings of past Regional and International Symposia, webinars and much more are available in the Virtual Library!
The 96th issue of the Virtual Journal Club (VJC) is available. To access it, visit the Virtual Journal Club Surveys page or follow the direct link to the survey.  
Members are encouraged to read articles and then answer a series of multiple choice questions through the Virtual Journal Club Surveys.

After completing the questionnaire, a certificate will be available. Although not formally accredited for continuing medical education (CME) points, participation is equal to one hour of CME activity.
The Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice (JOPP) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal dedicated to educating health professionals about providing pharmaceutical care to patients with cancer. It is the official publication of the International Society for Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP).  

JOPP is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and is free for ISOPP members.  

You can access JOPP issues online anytime via ISOPP website (log in as a member). Please note that a hard copy of the Journal is no longer available.  
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