ISPE annually funds proposals for manuscripts that could be used for guideline development, or reference documents for pharmacoepidemiology, including pharmacovigilance, drug utilization research, outcomes research, comparative effectiveness research, and therapeutic risk management.

Suggested topics of interest to the Society include (see instructions for more):
  • COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics safety and effectiveness, especially methodological considerations
  • Real-world evidence
  • Precision medicine
  • Patient-generated health data
  • Signal detection in emerging large data sets such as EHR or social media
  • Use of pharmacological / mechanistic data in pharmacoepidemiologic studies
  • AI and machine learning approaches vs classical PE to examine causal hypotheses
  • New methods in pharmacoepidemiology
  • Best practices related to specific approaches in pharmacoepidemiology
  • Evaluation of risk minimization approaches
  • Measuring impact of pharmacovigilance activities
  • Guidance/methods (design/analysis) of multi-database studies
  • Any topic contributing to ISPE's strategic mission

Proposal are assessed against the following criteria:
  • Appropriateness of issue to the general ISPE membership
  • General interest of topic to ISPE membership
  • Feasibility to accomplish the stated objectives
  • Importance (or significance) of proposal to the field of pharmacoepidemiology
  • Visibility (the extent to which the proposed manuscript will be used and, if so, raise the visibility of pharmacoepidemiology)
  • Collaboration among multiple organizations, work sectors, and geographic regions, and
  • Consistency with ISPE strategic goals, objectives and priorities

Proposals must conform to the format described in this document.

Submissions for 2022, which may only be submitted online, are now being accepted at this website with a deadline of 11:59 PM US Eastern Time on Friday, September 30. The deadline will not be extended, and proposals submitted via other means will not be accepted.
General Timeline
Sep 30 – submission deadline
Oct 31 – Joint Manuscript Proposal Review Subcommittee completes first review, provides feedback
Nov 30 – author responses to feedback due
Dec 31 – final selections made; notifications to lead contacts