Deadline: 11pm EDT Sunday, Dec 12th
The European Drug Utilization Research Group (EuroDURG) a subgroup of ISPE's Drug Utilization / Health Services Research SIG, has prepared a statement calling for priority actions and targets in the field of drug utilization and is seeking ISPE endorsement of the statement. Consistent with Section 1.7.1 Endorsement of documents as ISPE Public Policy (see ISPE Policy Manual) the Public Policy Committee has approved a call for member comments for the statement, which is linked below.

The deadline for member comments is end-of-day Sunday, December 12. Upon completing the member comment review period, the authors will be provided submitted comments and thereafter prepare an updated paper for ISPE Board review and endorsement. The final paper will be posted to the ISPE website and shared with members.
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To comment, highlight the word, sentence, or section you would like to comment on and enter your comments in the box that appears on the right-hand side. You can also add sticky notes to the document using the sticky note icon from the toolbar.

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