ISPE Call for Volunteers 2022-23
Dear ISPE colleague,

I am writing to invite your interest in serving on an ISPE committee, council, special interest group (SIG), or regional interest group (RIG) for the 2022-2023 administrative year. The purpose of this annual call for volunteers is to drive for greater transparency in ISPE's appointments process and to raise awareness of volunteer opportunities that will further enhance member engagement in the Society.

To indicate your interest in committee/subcommittee service, please visit the following page of the ISPE website by clicking here. The deadline for receiving your indication of interest is end-of-business Monday August 1.

Read the instructions carefully, then complete the online form linked on that page for those ISPE entities you'd like to join. To help keep a complex process manageable, please only use this process to express your interest in ISPE service and do so by the deadline. If you are unable to apply by the deadline this year, please try again next year.

While committee and council appointments are issued only annually (in advance of ICPE), you are welcome to join a SIG or RIG at any time of the year.

So you do not overextend yourself, and for the benefit of the communities you apply for, we suggest you not apply to more than three groups.

If you are currently serving on a committee, you must complete the volunteer application to continue your term of service and remain on the committee. Failing to do so will indicate to ISPE your wish to retire from the committee.

Once the deadline passes, if an individual meets the policy requirement for joining a committee, council, SIG, or RIG for which they have applied, they will be automatically enrolled by the Executive Office to the respective ISPE Exchange community.

For committees with restricted joining criteria (e.g., the Nominating Committee), the list of interested volunteers will be relayed to the respective committee chairs for consideration. Some restricted committees require applicants to provide additional supporting information.

On behalf of the ISPE Board of Directors, we welcome your participation in this year's committee appointments process.
Warm regards,
Tobias Gerhard, FISPE
ISPE President-Elect
4800 Hampden Ln Ste 200
Bethesda, MD 20814