ISPE Condemns Racism
A Message from the Board of Directors
The protests in the US and other countries in response to George Floyd’s death have again emphasized the longstanding and deeply rooted racism and injustice that ISPE members may face. Globally increasing trends of populism, separatism and fascism and disregard of science are the broader issues that threaten social equality and public health, including our ability to control COVID-19.

The International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology condemns racism and any other form of discrimination against social groups. Each of us individually and as members of ISPE, a society devoted to improve public health, needs to confront these threats with all our abilities. We invite suggestions to how we can advance our reach as an international society to support racial justice, equity and the firm integration of science in decision-making.
On behalf of the ISPE Board of Directors

Alison Bourke
Pia Caduff
Vera Ehrenstein
Cynthia Girman
Krista Huybrechts
Chieko Ishiguro
Michele Jonsson Funk
Ursula Kirchmayer
Olaf Klungel
Deborah Layton
Fredrik Nyberg
Jennita Reefhuis
Mary Ritchey
Montserrat Soriano Gabarro
Darren Toh
James Vrac
Almut Winterstein
Jasmanda HsiaoHui Wu
Wei Zhou
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