3.11.2021| Updates from the International Students & Programs Office @ UC San Diego.
Hello Colleagues,
As we head into a very busy Spring season, ISPO is offering an iPortal Refresher as an opportunity for primary and sub-approvers with access to the iPortal to review the system's capabilities, most recent enhancements, and associated resources available for campus partners. Whether you are a seasoned approver or a newly added approver, we encourage your attendance!
iPortal Refresher
Friday, March 19
11 AM - 12 PM PST
We will cover:
  • Each type of iPortal request (OPT, CPT, etc) and the information we are asking departments to verify
  • New enhancements for primary and sub-approvers
  • Basic tips for navigating iPortal
  • iPortal Resources for Campus Partners

We hope to see you there!
iPortal for Campus Departments: Resources & Guides

We understand you may have questions from time to time when using iPortal. We strive to update our iPortal Resources for Campus Departments page as often as possible. We encourage you to refer to these resources or reach out to ISPO directly for further guidance.

New Feature in iPortal for Departments: What Information Are You Approving?

We have recently added a new link at the top of each student iPortal request to help provide you with guidance regarding the review process. Click on the link, “For more information on criteria for approval of this application, click here.” to open the iPortal for Campus Departments website. Here you will find the information regarding what we are asking you to verify, as well as when you should deny. We hope you find this helpful!
ISPO Alerts on UC San Diego's Mobile App

Students can now get the latest news and updates from ISPO through the UC San Diego Mobile App! IPortal Status Update Notifications for students are now available through the UC San Diego Mobile App! ISPO Alerts--a new tool for receiving important updates for international students--will be available later this term as well. Available for iPhone and Android. Please encourage students to visit mobile.ucsd.edu for more information on how to download the app.  
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