March 12, 2021 
Sorority and Fraternity Community, 
The Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement (SFE), the Dean of Students, university leadership, and the ISU Public Health Team have reevaluated the Sorority and Fraternity Community Social Event and Visitor Moratorium that began January 19, 2021 and was updated February 8, 2021. COVID-19 cases at Iowa State and within the community are down compared to previous months. Thus, some restrictions for the sorority and fraternity community have been lifted or altered.  
Under the new moratorium chapters are: 1) Required to register all events through the University Event Authorization System and when appropriate, through their governing council. 2) Chapters can now host events off-campus at an approved location. 3) Chapters with facilities may host outdoor philanthropic events at their facilities. 4) Chapters with facilities may allow one guest per member living in the chapter house. 

The new moratorium reads as follows:  
ISU Sorority and Fraternity Community Social Event and Visitor Moratorium Effective March 12, 2021 
During this revised moratorium period, sorority and fraternity chapters are prohibited from the following:
  • Hosting indoor, in-person gatherings in their chapter facilities with people who are not members of the chapter, including gatherings with and without alcohol.

Chapters are allowed to host in-person events with guests on campus or at a third party location under the following expectations:  

Chapters are allowed to host in-person outdoor philanthropic events at their chapter facility under the following expectations:

Chapters with facilities may allow one guest per member living in the chapter house.  
  • Chapters may have more restrictive guidance in effect from their inter/national or local organization. Chapters are expected to follow the more restrictive guidance. 
  • Chapter should err on the side of caution when individual guests are visiting with members as to not unintentionally host events. Students may reach out to their SFE liaison with any questions. For information on what constitutes an “event,” refer to the SFE policy.

Additionally, and as a reminder:
  • Chapters are encouraged to host chapter meetings in a hybrid format where only in-house members attend in person in the chapter facility and all other members attend virtually.
  • Recruitment events should be virtual when possible or on campus as outlined above during this period. Recruitment efforts that take place one on one may continue as long as Cyclone Cares behaviors are followed.
The ISU Public Health Team and university leadership will continue to evaluate community progress and determine what modifications or alterations to the moratorium should be considered moving forward. This moratorium will revert to more restrictions if the number of COVID-19 cases increase within the community and/or chapters do not comply with the terms above. Similarly, if cases increase within the community, sorority and fraternity members must comply with testing and the community also risks losing all-community events such as Greek Week.  
Remember to model positive Cyclone Cares behaviors. Continue to wear a face covering, physically distance, wash your hands, and stay home if you are ill. On campus testing is still available throughout the spring semester.  
Finally, we would like to thank all sorority and fraternity members for your help mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Your dedication and commitment to the health of you and your community members has not gone unnoticed.  


Billy Boulden
Assistant Dean of Students for Development and Student Leadership
Director, Sorority and Fraternity Engagement

Sharron M. Evans, JD
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students

Toyia K. Younger, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs                                                  

cc: Chapter advisers, house directors, house corporation board presidents, university advisers