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Monday, December 14, 2020
EMAIL PHISHING ALERT: Do Not Click Suspicious Links!

As a reminder, the holiday season is the busiest time for online scammers and cyber threats. The SCS IT Security team has seen a significant upswing in phishing attempts recently.

Please be extra cautious of email requests and on high alert for any request that asks you to complete a task involving money, gift cards, charitable donations and coupons.
Some of the most common examples seen recently have attempted to simulate a rushed task request or appear to be an extension of a previous conversation.

Here is a look at one recent phishing attempt with some key indicators marked to show you how to identify it as a potential scam.
Please always beware of any communication that requires you to disclose your personal information without giving you enough details to verify the legitimacy of the sender. Also, always be sure to double-check email sources making unusual requests to collect your personal information.

Remember, the best way to avoid them is to NOT open attachments or click on links from suspicious external email senders.
What do you do if you click a phishing link?

  • Disconnect your computer from the network and/or power it off immediately.

  • Call 416-2700 (option 5) or send an email to IT Security at from a separate email account to report it to IT right away.